Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I'm really proud of myself.....what can I say?

One week ago today, I got to take my first "post c-section" shower. Suffice it to say, it was the HARDEST shower of my entire life. Nate pretty much had to do it for me (it was ever-so-slighly shameful....YIKES - I don't care if we have been married for 5 years, it was still not something I was comfortable with.) Still, a shower always feels good. The 2 days later I took another, and just had to have Nate within ear-shot.

Today I took a shower and GUESS WHAT?! Not only do I not need help anymore - are you ready for this? If not, get ready....I SHAVED MY OWN LEGS! Granted I took such a long time, Nate did stick his head in the bathroom door to make sure I hadn't passed out. I peeked my head out the door with the biggest smile of my entire life and said "I DIDN'T PASS OUT - I SHAVED MY OWN LEGS!" Well, perhaps sometimes it is the small things in life that make you very proud!

I feel very good......almost unreasonably so considering that I had a baby 1 week and 1 day if only I could sleep soundly, just for a little bit.....oh well - it will come in good time.

*This post was very "Jen-centered" - on a very special "Miles note" he had his one week check up today and he is doing AWESOME. His little bit of jaundice is gone, he is back up to his birth weight (he had dropped 8.4% down to 6 10.5 prior to our release), his belly button looks great (his umbilical cord fell off at 2 and a half days, from my understanding, this is quite early, I guess he is just THAT ADVANCED!) LOL! He has grown a half an inch. He is simply the picture of perfection - and WOW, we LOVE him! Did I mention that the kiddo is a "Super-pooper" - we may be financing Pampers by the time his early years are said and done!

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