Saturday, October 31, 2009

Hans and Sadie enjoying their Frosty Paws

Hans and the lipgloss, guilty......yes, I think so

The lipgloss Hans pulled out of my purse and had some fun with....

Hiding in my own home on Halloween....

After some long, partially purposeful silence here on the blog....I am back, and with a loud shout out to the world!

To sum up the last few weeks, wow....yep, I guess it has been a few weeks at least.

On Sunday, Oct 18th I made a trip up to the "great north" with just me, myself, and Hans. We went up because my dear little grampy had surgery on his knee to fix some issues that had arisen since his knee replacement two years ago. It was just a lot for my little nerves to handle. I am SO glad that I went, but was unbelievably glad to come home. I missed my dear little husband, darn it. I don't want to make our relationship sound all "co-dependent" and it's not like we cannot survive without each other....instead it is that we prefer to be together and find that we are better together than apart. I did get to spend some time with family, which was a very good thing and a lot of fun. I got to see the entire Reimer clan (Liz, Brad, and all the girls!) and even came home with two pictures beautifully adorning our fridge at this moment. Hannah is 7 and VERY talented artistically and Ruthie (who is just 2) also drew us a picture! Thanks a lot girls, I smile when I get in my fridge and get to see my pictures! I got to see Rob (dad-in-law), Suzie (mom-in-law), Laura (soon to be sis-in-law), and even visited Grandma Kathy at work for a few minutes. I also got to eat breakfast with my mom, it was very nice to catch up, but no more north for quite a while at this point.....I think I over-dosed a little bit!

I came back Wednesday and ended up being SUPER-sick Friday-Wednesday. For those of you familiar with my medical history of the last year, the same thing that ended me up in the ER almost a year ago happened again this year. Without provided all too much info, my stomach was MAD at me and I pooed blood for days. Yes, pooed blood. This is the 3rd time this has happened to me, but at this point I don't care if it happens 100 times, I am never going to be comfortable with it.......bottom line - I am feeling pretty much all the way better now, but it was a bad week. Nate stayed home with me several days, and I sure appreciate that boy!

Last night we had our friends Brad and Krista over to our place for dinner, and they brought Hansy's girlfriend Sadie. Hansy's birthday is coming up in the next few weeks, so we lived it up and had a "birthday party!" It was much more a chance and excuse for the adults to get together, but we did have "Frosty Paws" for the pups (it is a doggie-ice cream). Brad and Krista even brought Hansy a present! It was SO CUTE. They brought him some treats and a hedgehog toy (and we can't forget about the card!).....he loves them both! Thanks a lot guys! It sure was a lot of fun!

Tonight is Halloween and finds me and Nate hiding in our very own home. I know we must sound like huge party-poopers, and we kind of are, but Hans is not accomodating to Trick-or-Treaters. The first year we were married we handed out candy and nearly had 19 dog bites, courtesy of Hans the Terrible! Haha, well not in actuality, but he barks so LOUD and MEAN sounding. He really just ends up scaring kids. If we dare close him in another room, he would be hoarse for days. It really wouldn't be worth the grief. So we don't have on our front light, we even unscrewed our light in our yard. Nate has all the lights off in the office (which is the room in our house visible from the front of the house) we have our garage door closed and all the lights off in the living room. I do have the TV on, which would probably be our only give away. The only other light in the whole house is coming from my computer screen right now. Also worth noting are my typing skills being tested in the dark! Ha!

So yes, this is what we have come to, hiding in our own home on Halloween! It is kind of shameful and I am a bit sorry. We did have one group of Trick-or-Treaters come by, and it was darn lucky we had a few pieces of wrapped candy. Out of the four Halloweens we have been married this has happened each time. So I am always sure to have a few pieces for the kids that don't mind the unwritten rule of "no lights, no candy." We should probably just learn our lesson already, and not be home at all on Halloween.

I know I missed a few odds-and-ends of the last few weeks. The only other "event" I can think of was that Nate and I did get to be "pretend" parents for one night to our dear little friend Micah while his parents enjoyed a night out for their anniversary. It was a heck of a lot of fun! Nate and I decided we are as ready as we can be for kids, but are terrified of all of their "gear." We managed Micah just fine, but had a rotten time with his car seat and stroller. It turns out that someone who graduated college with honors and a future doctor can't even handle these......LOL!

I am going to post a few pics in the next entry....

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

When did I get so darn old?!?

How come I am not 19 any more? I still "feel" 19! And yet, here I am....23! Don't get me wrong, 23 is NOT old and I know that!

And yet, it is funny for me to say and to internalize. More and more, I see people younger than me doing all kinds of things, and this is more of a new phenomenon to me. Do you want examples? Let me provide a few...

1.) Miley Cyrus. Do I need to say more?
2.) Taylor Swift
3.) Notre Dame College Football players, yep they are all younger than me.

I sometimes feel Nate and I have a funny perspective on things due to the age we were when we got married.....19. At that time, it was pretty crazy. We were clearly the only married people we knew our age at Manchester. We had not gotten married because of a kid, but because we wanted to and we were "ready." I would not trade the choices that we have made for anything. For us, I feel it was the right choice. And yet, how come now I look at someone who is 19 and think....."wow, they are young and stupid, do they even know how to spell their middle name?!" Also, how come when I was 17, 18, 19 years old I knew EVERYTHING there was to know about the world. Don't try to tell me anything different, because I knew it all......what "it" was you could have argued with me, and I was right (or so I thought!)

How come, now, at 23 I barely seem to "know" 1% of the things I "knew" when I was 18? Another funny thought came to me recently. For a long time, and even now, when we meet people I think that they think we are young. Back to the topic of being married young, we were, and I am not saying otherwise. It is funny to me now, though, that we were "special" being married back then. As we get older, more and more people are married. I still feel like we have much more "experience" than they do. Many of them are more newly married, while Nate and I are approaching our 5th year. The funny realization I came to was thinking about having babies. Clearly, that is on my mind, especially since the miscarriage. But I got to thinking, at this point, when Nate and I have a baby, we will be over 24 by the time the baby is here. That really isn't that young to have a baby! I think it is still "younger" but it doesn't make someone stop and think twice. When we mention that we got married when we were 19, people stop and pay at 24, not so much, it seems more "traditional" (or something to that effect, at least in my mind.)

And then, for my most HILARIOUS insight, if I may say so myself.....and yes, there is a TMI alert quickly on the way, so consider yourself warned:

As I was getting in the shower the other day, I stopped to glance at myself in the mirror and suddenly had the thought "Oh good grief, I look awful naked!" HAHAHAHAHA! I am sure there is a BIG part of this that is just me being WAY to critical of myself. For goodness sake, I am currently at the same "size" clothes I was before Nate and I were even married, but I am pretty sure in the buff, I DO NOT LOOK THE SAME! And to make matters worse, we don't have kids, so I can't blame anything on having had babies!

Later, as I shared this critism of myself with Nate, I phrased it is how the conversation opened:

Jen: Honey, I am glad to be married to you!
Nate: Well that is nice, I am glad to be married to you too!
Jen: Know why I am glad to be married to you? Cause at this point if I were dating, I couldn't let some boy see me naked! It is NOT pretty! Do real boys think real girls look like Hollywood girls, cause they are going to be sorely disappointed!

Oh, yes, I think I am just a bucket full of laughs! After much assurance on his part, he told me that he didn't think real boys think real girls look like Victoria Secret models.....they are airbrushed and we know it!

When did I pass my prime? I hope I am not already past my "sell-by" date! In my mind, maybe I will always be 19. I am pretty sure I have been here the whole time, and yet, sometimes things seem like they were just yesterday when in reality, they were 5 years ago. 180 degrees in the opposite direction, however, sometimes things that were just a few months ago seem like they were a lifetime ago.

From what my wise little grammy tells me, I should just get used to it, already!

So, I suppose that is all from the mind of Jen for right now. At this point, I have know idea who looks at this blog, and do you know what......I don't suppose it really matters to me. Everything I post on here, I am great with sharing, but it is more for me than for anyone else. I keep myself entertained and can "talk" till I am blue in the face. So, love from me and the Hans......we are just taking it easy this evening. Nate is in the office, studying until we die!

Lots of love, the Queen of Drama

Highly recommended read!

While Nate and I were in Chicago, we went to a Borders. I know what you are thinking, "Why do they go all the way to Chicago to go to a Borders when there is one in Greenwood?" It is mostly because Nate loves books and bookstores. As we walk up and down the Magnificent Mile, poor Nate deserves to go someplace he loves. I looked in all my stores, and all he wanted was Borders, so to Borders we go!

It is really quite funny to think of all the time that we have spent in that Borders. The one we like the best is on Michigan Ave right across from Watertower Place and by the Hershey Store. It is very nice and lots of levels. I will even admit that there is plenty there for me to look at and enjoy. We were looking at a "Buy one, get one 50% off" table and Nate found a book that interested him. So I began looking for a book that interested me.

A funny thing worth noting about me is that with both books and movies, the same situation arrives. I want to watch the same movies over and over again and read the same books again and again because I know I like them and I know they are good. I can't be disappointed if I already know how it ends. This has led to me reading the Harry Potter series until I can recite lines. Pretty much the same deal with movies. I just watch the same ones over and over again. Nate has made the point about a million times...."how will you ever like a new book/movie if you don't try them?" Haha, how I hate it when he is right!

So, Nate had chosen the book he wanted at Borders and encouraged me to choose one so that we could both have a book and get a good deal. I was so nervous! Oh no! I don't know what book will be best! I don't even know if I will like one. Why in the heck isn't a Harry Potter book on this table?!?

I finally picked one up and chose it called "My Jesus Year." It is a book by Benyamin Cohen, a rabbi's son and a Jew. It's basic premise is that he is a Jew who has become indifferent to his faith. He grew up with the attitude of "the grass is always greener on the other side" towards Christianity. He spends one year as a "Christian" all while maintaining his Judaism and in hopes of finding his own faith. He spends the year trying out Christian churches, attending Christian concerts, having Easter, and Christmas.

I kid you not, I could barely put it down! It is laugh-out-loud funny! It is also EXTREMELY insightful and hopeful. I really felt he was respectful and came to very good conclusions in the book. He never intends to leave Judaism. He did all of this "Jesus Year" to further his own journey with his own faith.

I sure don't know if I am beginning to do any justice to this book. I found myself relating on many parts. I very much feel that ANYONE could enjoy and take good lessons from it. Be you Christian, Jew, Muslim.......this book has something to offer!

So, if anyone reads it and enjoys it, good for you! If not, that is totally fine. I am sure in reading this post, I am not going to find my calling as a book critic, but I wanted to put it on here!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

We survived, and Nate passed!

Nate and I being cute and adorable at "The Bean" in Chicago

Nate, Jen, Wyatt (in the outfit we bought him with doxies on it!), and Hans

Don't worry, I didn't actually touch my mouth to "The Bean".....with my husband in med school and all this swine flu hysteria, I wouldn't dare!
Good day, dear lovelies-

Thank goodness for the craziness that was the exam block being all done! Nate took all the exams and passed, and we enjoyed some fun in the Windy City!

Wednesday evening when Nate got all done we headed up north and stopped by and visited the Koons family. We got to see Wyatt, Mikey and Tosha and snapped a few pics to prove to him later in life that we were indeed present from time to time. I don't know if I have mentioned on here that we are his Godparents, and are extremely glad and honored to be so.....but it proves a bit of a challenge since we live a distance away. Holy moly, kids grow fast, especially when you don't see them daily or even weekly. It was also a huge event since Wy-guy got to meet "our son" Hansy. They were pretty stinking cute together and Hansy was pretty well behaved!

Thursday morning we woke up early and took the South Shore train up to Chicago. My wonderful grandparents drove us over to the South Bend Airport to catch the train at 6:30 was early, but good. Nate and I have only taken the train over to Chicago one other time, and we kind of hated it. It was mostly due to the fact that we hadn't really ever been to Chicago before and we didn't know our way around. Also, we were only there for the day and we had to carry everything we wanted with us. Since we were staying the night this time, it worked out beautifully. I had my purse and we just took a bookbag with all of the stuff we would need for the night and fresh stuff for the next day.

I generally tend to be a pretty high-maintenance kind of girl to say the least. I need 93,000 things to travel with me. I need 6 changes of clothes in all different varieties of warmth and style. I need enough makeup to make a clown ready for the circus. I need my blow-dryer, my straight iron, products, my brush.....all those kinds of goodies, you know, cause I am a girl!

This trip, I really went "back to basics" and it really went very well. The purpose of this trip was a bit different than normal for was mostly just to recharge and relax. We arrived in the city about 8:00 am Chicago time (CST) and took our bag to the hotel so we didn't have to carry it. We walked around the city and ate. Then we checked in to the hotel and napped and relaxed. We went out again for dinner, then came back to the hotel and relaxed some more. We then slept for about 12 hours (Nate really needed it!) We got some breakfast and then caught the train back at 12:30. We got back to South Bend at 4:30 (EST) and that grammy and grampy of mine had been kind enough to drive both cars so that Nate and I were able to leave from the airport, thus saving A LOT of time.

For future reference, this was a GREAT way to go to Chicago for a couple of days. It was really great that we had my grandparents to count on and help us with getting to and from the airport!

We were back in Greenwood prior to 9:00 pm and were able to watch our Friday night shows (Monk and Psych!) We slept in and did some odds and ends on Saturday (another entry to follow later on Saturday evening!) Sunday we went to church and then Nate and our friend Ken installed a new back door at our house!

It was a FANTASTIC fall break. I think Nate was very refreshed and ready to roll again until the next break! In case you are keeping tabs, it is going to be Thanksgiving and we are going to be going to visit our friends Lindsey and Ben in Georgia! We are really, REALLY looking forward to it!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Is it just me, or is it HOT in here?!?

This post will be a quick one, but I just wanted to let everyone know I am still alive! Haha! Even more importantly, THE NATE BUG is still alive and kicking!

So I have this idea.......Although I am not at all the one in medical school and I am not claiming to be going through what Nate is going through (which right now is an exam block).....he may be the one in the fire, but I AM FEELING THE HEAT, DARN IT!

One of my extremely good friends is also a med-school wife, and she agreed with me totally tonight when we got together.

I think I am nervous for Nate, as well as just wanting to help him as much as is possible, in any way possible. This has translated to me taking on even more and more responsibilities! Please, don't misunderstand, I don't mind and I love doing it to help him, but even I am a bit burned out right now.

As I sit here on this lovely evening, Nate is not yet home and won't be for about another hour (it is currently just past 9:30 pm).....he left the house at 4:30 this morning!!! YEP...4:30 am. He took an exam and has been studying all day.

All of this being taken in to account, we are going to go to Chicago for one night for his fall break this week. We don't have tons of extra cash by any means, but we both felt it necessary to get away for a little break. We are going to Middlebury Wednesday night and dropping off the magnificent Hans. We are going to go to the Windy City for Thursday, Thursday night, and Friday. We are hoping to be back to Greenwood Friday night, perhaps Saturday morning if we feel the need to not drive back to Greenwood....we will see.

More to come, at a later time! Love to all!