Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Highly recommended read!

While Nate and I were in Chicago, we went to a Borders. I know what you are thinking, "Why do they go all the way to Chicago to go to a Borders when there is one in Greenwood?" It is mostly because Nate loves books and bookstores. As we walk up and down the Magnificent Mile, poor Nate deserves to go someplace he loves. I looked in all my stores, and all he wanted was Borders, so to Borders we go!

It is really quite funny to think of all the time that we have spent in that Borders. The one we like the best is on Michigan Ave right across from Watertower Place and by the Hershey Store. It is very nice and lots of levels. I will even admit that there is plenty there for me to look at and enjoy. We were looking at a "Buy one, get one 50% off" table and Nate found a book that interested him. So I began looking for a book that interested me.

A funny thing worth noting about me is that with both books and movies, the same situation arrives. I want to watch the same movies over and over again and read the same books again and again because I know I like them and I know they are good. I can't be disappointed if I already know how it ends. This has led to me reading the Harry Potter series until I can recite lines. Pretty much the same deal with movies. I just watch the same ones over and over again. Nate has made the point about a million times...."how will you ever like a new book/movie if you don't try them?" Haha, how I hate it when he is right!

So, Nate had chosen the book he wanted at Borders and encouraged me to choose one so that we could both have a book and get a good deal. I was so nervous! Oh no! I don't know what book will be best! I don't even know if I will like one. Why in the heck isn't a Harry Potter book on this table?!?

I finally picked one up and chose it called "My Jesus Year." It is a book by Benyamin Cohen, a rabbi's son and a Jew. It's basic premise is that he is a Jew who has become indifferent to his faith. He grew up with the attitude of "the grass is always greener on the other side" towards Christianity. He spends one year as a "Christian" all while maintaining his Judaism and in hopes of finding his own faith. He spends the year trying out Christian churches, attending Christian concerts, having Easter, and Christmas.

I kid you not, I could barely put it down! It is laugh-out-loud funny! It is also EXTREMELY insightful and hopeful. I really felt he was respectful and came to very good conclusions in the book. He never intends to leave Judaism. He did all of this "Jesus Year" to further his own journey with his own faith.

I sure don't know if I am beginning to do any justice to this book. I found myself relating on many parts. I very much feel that ANYONE could enjoy and take good lessons from it. Be you Christian, Jew, Muslim.......this book has something to offer!

So, if anyone reads it and enjoys it, good for you! If not, that is totally fine. I am sure in reading this post, I am not going to find my calling as a book critic, but I wanted to put it on here!

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