Tuesday, October 13, 2009

We survived, and Nate passed!

Nate and I being cute and adorable at "The Bean" in Chicago

Nate, Jen, Wyatt (in the outfit we bought him with doxies on it!), and Hans

Don't worry, I didn't actually touch my mouth to "The Bean".....with my husband in med school and all this swine flu hysteria, I wouldn't dare!
Good day, dear lovelies-

Thank goodness for the craziness that was the exam block being all done! Nate took all the exams and passed, and we enjoyed some fun in the Windy City!

Wednesday evening when Nate got all done we headed up north and stopped by and visited the Koons family. We got to see Wyatt, Mikey and Tosha and snapped a few pics to prove to him later in life that we were indeed present from time to time. I don't know if I have mentioned on here that we are his Godparents, and are extremely glad and honored to be so.....but it proves a bit of a challenge since we live a distance away. Holy moly, kids grow fast, especially when you don't see them daily or even weekly. It was also a huge event since Wy-guy got to meet "our son" Hansy. They were pretty stinking cute together and Hansy was pretty well behaved!

Thursday morning we woke up early and took the South Shore train up to Chicago. My wonderful grandparents drove us over to the South Bend Airport to catch the train at 6:30 am......it was early, but good. Nate and I have only taken the train over to Chicago one other time, and we kind of hated it. It was mostly due to the fact that we hadn't really ever been to Chicago before and we didn't know our way around. Also, we were only there for the day and we had to carry everything we wanted with us. Since we were staying the night this time, it worked out beautifully. I had my purse and we just took a bookbag with all of the stuff we would need for the night and fresh stuff for the next day.

I generally tend to be a pretty high-maintenance kind of girl to say the least. I need 93,000 things to travel with me. I need 6 changes of clothes in all different varieties of warmth and style. I need enough makeup to make a clown ready for the circus. I need my blow-dryer, my straight iron, products, my brush.....all those kinds of goodies, you know, cause I am a girl!

This trip, I really went "back to basics" and it really went very well. The purpose of this trip was a bit different than normal for us...it was mostly just to recharge and relax. We arrived in the city about 8:00 am Chicago time (CST) and took our bag to the hotel so we didn't have to carry it. We walked around the city and ate. Then we checked in to the hotel and napped and relaxed. We went out again for dinner, then came back to the hotel and relaxed some more. We then slept for about 12 hours (Nate really needed it!) We got some breakfast and then caught the train back at 12:30. We got back to South Bend at 4:30 (EST) and that grammy and grampy of mine had been kind enough to drive both cars so that Nate and I were able to leave from the airport, thus saving A LOT of time.

For future reference, this was a GREAT way to go to Chicago for a couple of days. It was really great that we had my grandparents to count on and help us with getting to and from the airport!

We were back in Greenwood prior to 9:00 pm and were able to watch our Friday night shows (Monk and Psych!) We slept in and did some odds and ends on Saturday (another entry to follow later on Saturday evening!) Sunday we went to church and then Nate and our friend Ken installed a new back door at our house!

It was a FANTASTIC fall break. I think Nate was very refreshed and ready to roll again until the next break! In case you are keeping tabs, it is going to be Thanksgiving and we are going to be going to visit our friends Lindsey and Ben in Georgia! We are really, REALLY looking forward to it!

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