Monday, May 31, 2010

When a crappy days turns awesome unexpectedly........

Let's face it, I was being bratty. Towards the end of last week I had asked Nate what his "study-game plan" was for the next few days. He had answered with "study as much as possible," however, he said that he was going to be "stopping" around 3:00 on Monday to relax to get ready for the exam at the crack'o'dawn on Tuesday. He said something along the lines of "if I don't know it by 3:00 on Monday, am I really going to learn it before Tuesday morning...." Needless to say, I was already looking forward to 3:00 Monday.

Fast forward to Sunday evening dinner and I asked him if his plans remained the same (please note, I had already assumed his plans were indeed the same - btw - when you ask a question in this fashion, be ready for ANY answer, not just the answer you were anticipating). As you may have guessed by this point, he had changed his mind. He had decided that he was going to be studying all day with his best ever study-budy Ken. Me, being the WORST wife ever, immediately began feeling VERY sorry for myself. Here I am, a day off, and no fun.....woe is Jen.

Nate left the house at 5:40 am. I slept in until 10:00 because my attitude was "I have nothing I want to do." I woke up with one of the "my head is going to split open and my brains are going to fall out" headaches that means I had gotten too much sleep. Suffice it to say, the day had lousy prospects. Then, my prayers for something to do were answered in a big fashion. My good friend Caryn "Blackberry chatted" me and invited me to hang out at a pool. It was at her friend's apartment downtown and she said it was nice. I packed up my bag and headed downtown, excited I had something to do, but not having super-high expectations.

And then I saw the pool, and the nice friends, and the food - and I stayed all afternoon. I had to drag my bum away when it started downpouring and it was 6:30. I sure appreciate Caryn for inviting me, I appreciated all of her friends treating me so nicely - I appreciated the amazing day and the perfect pool.

Mostly, I appreciated the "crappy day turned awesome." I really needed it, and God knew it, and delivered in a big way. Nate takes boards tomorrow - and this hellish second semester is REALLY OVER. Bring on the next phase - we are ready! The next phase involves baby showers, Nate beginning rotations and getting out of the books, and Miles making his arrival in around 3 months........

Friday, May 28, 2010

Life - the game of catch up.....

For a while I have had it in my head that I am going to roll out some new kind of system in which I will update the blog daily.....ok, let's be honest and real - it is NOT going to happen - in this lifetime or the next. So, I am going to begin to make a goal to update it weekly. This sounds a lot more "doable." The goal will be a weekly blog post, with the obvious option or possibility of updating it "when the mood strikes" or when I have a fabulous story to share as well - however these "special features" will be separate from the regular "weekly update." I am hopeful that since I have posted this, I will hold to it - we shall see as time unfolds.

The past week has been busy and exciting. My grandparents came to town last Thursday. As they were coming in to town, they even stopped to visit the office and see The Post. It was so much fun. They got to meet some of my co-workers and bosses - and for the best part, they got to see the archives. They both loved it, but especially Bapa. We had fun, ate out, enjoyed lots of good company, and were sad to see them leave on Saturday.

Sunday I stepped back in to help or do some teaching with the Sunday Schoolers at Mt. Auburn. I had helped out for a while, then with the sickness and mess of the pregnancy, I stepped out of the picture for a while. I wanted to do some more over the summer and leave the option open for after Miles is born.

Speaking of Miles and his upcoming arrival (less than 4 months till his due date) he is doing well. He moves around - A LOT. I have felt him moving since around 15 or 16 weeks. Nate has been feeling him move from about 18 weeks. This past week three more people got to feel him move - my Gram, Marty, and Amanda. The movements are much more distinguishable and over the weekend I even began seeing my belly move when he does - it is amazing, but an odd sensation. All I know is that I am head-over-heels in love with the alien currently residing in my belly. I had my "regular" appointment last week and all looks fine. I am measuring a little bit on the small side and haven't gained too much weight yet, but the doctor seemed unconcerned and I am happy! On June 18th I have my next appointment and it is a longer one in which I will have my glucose testing done to check for Gestational Diabetes. I am already anticipating that it will show up normal, but it is a standard test that they run at that time. I am 25 weeks 1 day as of the writing of this post, and the weeks continue to tick down at an ever increasing amount of speed! I have two baby showers coming up in the next few months, and am excited about those - they will be fun!

Nate is still crazy insane busy, but only for 4 more days! He takes boards on Tuesday morning and then will be on a short "break" before starting rounds on the 14th. We have A LOT to get done over those few weeks, but it will be great.

I am still enjoying work very much. I have been especially grateful that they have been so accommodating and understanding of me with the pregnancy - and also how much the job has kept me occupied and mentally stimulated. Some days I am absolutely exhausted, so it is kind of challenging for me to "plow through" work - but I just set my mind to it and do it - and I am always glad that I did! I have also had the privilege of meeting some fantastic people at this job - and on a lot of "levels" both professional and personal. No matter what happens once Miles is born with this job, I am grateful for the time I have had at The Post. Goodness knows I will not be quick to forget my time there, seeing as how we are decorating his nursery with some prints from old Post covers. I joked with my boss that we could begin referring to our house as "The Southside Gallery" and they could put in in the brochures if they would like to!

There is more to list, but I think that is enough for now. I have gotten to spend some time with some friends, both old and new - and it has been fun. Miles is already being spoiled by some of his "aunties" (all of mommy's many friends) and I am so grateful for that. He isn't even here yet and he is already exceedingly loved - and really, what greater blessing could there be than that for a new life on this earth? I still have gotten "overwhelmed" a few times over the "things" that we need to get before he gets here - and they are expensive - for that matter, babies are expensive - but I really just need to not worry about those "details" right now, I have a feeling by the time he arrives, we will be more than "set" with the "things," not to mention that the "things" don't make for a loved baby, the people do! Goodness knows if a child could live on love alone - Miles is already much more than set!

I will be back in a week, if not sooner - we will see!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Is it just me, or is time in hyper-drive?!?

Oh my goodness gracious......where, oh where, has the time gone? Well, I can answer that myself if I try hard enough - it has gone in to a combo of awesomeness and busyness. I can't even remember the last time I blogged, although I know it has been post-Mother's Day (probably a few weeks) - so to catch up all of my 6 followers (YES 6 - I know, HUGE!:) this has been the last few weeks.

On the Nate front, disaster as we prepare for boards. Ok, well no disaster, but a very busy, consumed husband. He wants to do so well. He is studying so hard. I am so grateful that I married a man with a great work ethic, but it has been a little bit challenging for me to have him be so preoccupied. We are on the countdown to June 1st, otherwise known as B-Day (Boards-Day). After that we will have a few weeks to get some stuff done around the house that we just haven't had time to do (can anyone say plan, prepare, and get the nursery ready for Miles?)

Last week something spectacular and amazing happened. My dear friend Rachel invited me to go "home" with her for the weekend. She asked me on Wednesday night and I talked it over with Nate and quickly decided a big and loud "yes!" It was the best of all worlds! Nate got to study hard without feeling bad, and I got to go have a great weekend in Illinois (very close to St. Louis). We left Friday afternoon as soon as Rach got off school. We made the drive over (about 4 hours) and the fun began. I got to meet her amazing and hospitable family. She really has a truly great family, just so warm and welcoming. I really felt like I belonged. It was not one bit uncomfortable for me to go stay in their home. I got to meet her sister, Lyndsay, who is getting married to a very nice young man this fall (in Sept) - they are a great couple (remind me a lot of Nate and myself, and while I am biased on us, I think we are a pretty great couple!) On Saturday her mom took us out for such a fun "girl's day!" She treated us to pedicures (ummmm, hello.....awesome!) Not to mention it is getting a little bit more tricky to handle my own tootsies, it just isn't as easy to bend that way anymore :). We had delicious lunch, I got to see Lyndsay's wedding dress (holy cow, gorgeous!) and I got to know her family a little bit better. What a great and fantastic weekend. On Sunday we went to church and then had a tasty lunch and "hit the road." It was so refreshing and nice, but it was nice to come home to Nate as well. That sweet little love-bug had planted flowers at our house on Saturday morning, so that was quite a treat to come home to!

I have continued to be busy at work. I shifted my schedule to 4 shorter days a week, so that has suited me well. Today Grandma and Grandpa come in to town and I couldn't be more excited. We haven't seen them since the beginning of March, which has to be one of the LONGEST times we have ever gone without seeing them.

I will do an update after the weekend!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

A few fun pics

This is Hansy sleeping under my "Mother's Day" shirt - we did NOT stage this, it was too perfect!

This is Hansy sleeping in my dream genii - My maternity pillow that I am kind of in love with. Hansy loves it too! His favorite time of day is when I get up to go shower and he can cuddle in it - silly puppy!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

A Super-Spectacular Weekend!

Wowser, what a week......honestly it can barely be summed up. I was SWAMPED at work, which is a good thing, but was just kind of crazy. I had an article with vintage Mother's Day ads, which was super cool, but a lot of work and involved not only finding the ads, but then researching, calling the companies, trying to obtain permissions to use the ads, and then writing copy for the ads.....all this while trying to do data entry for another department with some surveys (and when I say "some" I actually mean hundreds and hundreds - geez, just talking about it exhausts me......)

My sweet Grammy and Grampy were supposed to come visit this weekend, but poor Grampy began feeling unwell on Wednesday and they not only had to call off the weekend, but ended up with Grampy in the hospital (he is being well taken care of, but he has been there since Thursday afternoon and will be there at least a few more days....this = one unhappy Bapa - poor guy!) I was very worried about him and disappointed they were unable to make it down here - serious bummer!

Nate came through in a big way and we had a great weekend. It included eating at some fun spots, doing some antique/treasure hunting and a whole bunch of other great things.

It culminated tonight with The Love Bag V. 2.0 being brought out of retirement for my "zero" Mother's Day. The bag included a variety of gifts......

Hans got me a toy for him (this is super-typical Hansy to get me a gift which is actually for him :)

Miles got me several books for him - they are so cute and sweet, I am already excited to start reading them to him. "He" even bought me a favorite book that I have come to love reading it to dear Micah will be pretty special to read it to Miles.

The other two gifts were from Nate - and they did not disappoint. He bought me some Werther's candies (I have been saying I wanted some for days - and he is such a great listener) and then for the best part. He MADE me a shirt - there is a super-long story involving the background story for the shirt, but he bought a black t-shirt and gold, glittery iron on letters that say "Future Mr. Stewart" and below Nate drew a big glittery arrow (pointing to my belly) the midst of him making the shirt, there was a glitter glue explosion that ended with him, the walls in the office, and the bottom of the treadmill covered in glitter glue - if you ask me it is an improvement anyway :)

What a Mother's Day - what a husband :) Need anything else be said? I don't think so.......