Sunday, May 9, 2010

A Super-Spectacular Weekend!

Wowser, what a week......honestly it can barely be summed up. I was SWAMPED at work, which is a good thing, but was just kind of crazy. I had an article with vintage Mother's Day ads, which was super cool, but a lot of work and involved not only finding the ads, but then researching, calling the companies, trying to obtain permissions to use the ads, and then writing copy for the ads.....all this while trying to do data entry for another department with some surveys (and when I say "some" I actually mean hundreds and hundreds - geez, just talking about it exhausts me......)

My sweet Grammy and Grampy were supposed to come visit this weekend, but poor Grampy began feeling unwell on Wednesday and they not only had to call off the weekend, but ended up with Grampy in the hospital (he is being well taken care of, but he has been there since Thursday afternoon and will be there at least a few more days....this = one unhappy Bapa - poor guy!) I was very worried about him and disappointed they were unable to make it down here - serious bummer!

Nate came through in a big way and we had a great weekend. It included eating at some fun spots, doing some antique/treasure hunting and a whole bunch of other great things.

It culminated tonight with The Love Bag V. 2.0 being brought out of retirement for my "zero" Mother's Day. The bag included a variety of gifts......

Hans got me a toy for him (this is super-typical Hansy to get me a gift which is actually for him :)

Miles got me several books for him - they are so cute and sweet, I am already excited to start reading them to him. "He" even bought me a favorite book that I have come to love reading it to dear Micah will be pretty special to read it to Miles.

The other two gifts were from Nate - and they did not disappoint. He bought me some Werther's candies (I have been saying I wanted some for days - and he is such a great listener) and then for the best part. He MADE me a shirt - there is a super-long story involving the background story for the shirt, but he bought a black t-shirt and gold, glittery iron on letters that say "Future Mr. Stewart" and below Nate drew a big glittery arrow (pointing to my belly) the midst of him making the shirt, there was a glitter glue explosion that ended with him, the walls in the office, and the bottom of the treadmill covered in glitter glue - if you ask me it is an improvement anyway :)

What a Mother's Day - what a husband :) Need anything else be said? I don't think so.......

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