Thursday, May 20, 2010

Is it just me, or is time in hyper-drive?!?

Oh my goodness gracious......where, oh where, has the time gone? Well, I can answer that myself if I try hard enough - it has gone in to a combo of awesomeness and busyness. I can't even remember the last time I blogged, although I know it has been post-Mother's Day (probably a few weeks) - so to catch up all of my 6 followers (YES 6 - I know, HUGE!:) this has been the last few weeks.

On the Nate front, disaster as we prepare for boards. Ok, well no disaster, but a very busy, consumed husband. He wants to do so well. He is studying so hard. I am so grateful that I married a man with a great work ethic, but it has been a little bit challenging for me to have him be so preoccupied. We are on the countdown to June 1st, otherwise known as B-Day (Boards-Day). After that we will have a few weeks to get some stuff done around the house that we just haven't had time to do (can anyone say plan, prepare, and get the nursery ready for Miles?)

Last week something spectacular and amazing happened. My dear friend Rachel invited me to go "home" with her for the weekend. She asked me on Wednesday night and I talked it over with Nate and quickly decided a big and loud "yes!" It was the best of all worlds! Nate got to study hard without feeling bad, and I got to go have a great weekend in Illinois (very close to St. Louis). We left Friday afternoon as soon as Rach got off school. We made the drive over (about 4 hours) and the fun began. I got to meet her amazing and hospitable family. She really has a truly great family, just so warm and welcoming. I really felt like I belonged. It was not one bit uncomfortable for me to go stay in their home. I got to meet her sister, Lyndsay, who is getting married to a very nice young man this fall (in Sept) - they are a great couple (remind me a lot of Nate and myself, and while I am biased on us, I think we are a pretty great couple!) On Saturday her mom took us out for such a fun "girl's day!" She treated us to pedicures (ummmm, hello.....awesome!) Not to mention it is getting a little bit more tricky to handle my own tootsies, it just isn't as easy to bend that way anymore :). We had delicious lunch, I got to see Lyndsay's wedding dress (holy cow, gorgeous!) and I got to know her family a little bit better. What a great and fantastic weekend. On Sunday we went to church and then had a tasty lunch and "hit the road." It was so refreshing and nice, but it was nice to come home to Nate as well. That sweet little love-bug had planted flowers at our house on Saturday morning, so that was quite a treat to come home to!

I have continued to be busy at work. I shifted my schedule to 4 shorter days a week, so that has suited me well. Today Grandma and Grandpa come in to town and I couldn't be more excited. We haven't seen them since the beginning of March, which has to be one of the LONGEST times we have ever gone without seeing them.

I will do an update after the weekend!

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