Saturday, October 31, 2009

Hiding in my own home on Halloween....

After some long, partially purposeful silence here on the blog....I am back, and with a loud shout out to the world!

To sum up the last few weeks, wow....yep, I guess it has been a few weeks at least.

On Sunday, Oct 18th I made a trip up to the "great north" with just me, myself, and Hans. We went up because my dear little grampy had surgery on his knee to fix some issues that had arisen since his knee replacement two years ago. It was just a lot for my little nerves to handle. I am SO glad that I went, but was unbelievably glad to come home. I missed my dear little husband, darn it. I don't want to make our relationship sound all "co-dependent" and it's not like we cannot survive without each other....instead it is that we prefer to be together and find that we are better together than apart. I did get to spend some time with family, which was a very good thing and a lot of fun. I got to see the entire Reimer clan (Liz, Brad, and all the girls!) and even came home with two pictures beautifully adorning our fridge at this moment. Hannah is 7 and VERY talented artistically and Ruthie (who is just 2) also drew us a picture! Thanks a lot girls, I smile when I get in my fridge and get to see my pictures! I got to see Rob (dad-in-law), Suzie (mom-in-law), Laura (soon to be sis-in-law), and even visited Grandma Kathy at work for a few minutes. I also got to eat breakfast with my mom, it was very nice to catch up, but no more north for quite a while at this point.....I think I over-dosed a little bit!

I came back Wednesday and ended up being SUPER-sick Friday-Wednesday. For those of you familiar with my medical history of the last year, the same thing that ended me up in the ER almost a year ago happened again this year. Without provided all too much info, my stomach was MAD at me and I pooed blood for days. Yes, pooed blood. This is the 3rd time this has happened to me, but at this point I don't care if it happens 100 times, I am never going to be comfortable with it.......bottom line - I am feeling pretty much all the way better now, but it was a bad week. Nate stayed home with me several days, and I sure appreciate that boy!

Last night we had our friends Brad and Krista over to our place for dinner, and they brought Hansy's girlfriend Sadie. Hansy's birthday is coming up in the next few weeks, so we lived it up and had a "birthday party!" It was much more a chance and excuse for the adults to get together, but we did have "Frosty Paws" for the pups (it is a doggie-ice cream). Brad and Krista even brought Hansy a present! It was SO CUTE. They brought him some treats and a hedgehog toy (and we can't forget about the card!).....he loves them both! Thanks a lot guys! It sure was a lot of fun!

Tonight is Halloween and finds me and Nate hiding in our very own home. I know we must sound like huge party-poopers, and we kind of are, but Hans is not accomodating to Trick-or-Treaters. The first year we were married we handed out candy and nearly had 19 dog bites, courtesy of Hans the Terrible! Haha, well not in actuality, but he barks so LOUD and MEAN sounding. He really just ends up scaring kids. If we dare close him in another room, he would be hoarse for days. It really wouldn't be worth the grief. So we don't have on our front light, we even unscrewed our light in our yard. Nate has all the lights off in the office (which is the room in our house visible from the front of the house) we have our garage door closed and all the lights off in the living room. I do have the TV on, which would probably be our only give away. The only other light in the whole house is coming from my computer screen right now. Also worth noting are my typing skills being tested in the dark! Ha!

So yes, this is what we have come to, hiding in our own home on Halloween! It is kind of shameful and I am a bit sorry. We did have one group of Trick-or-Treaters come by, and it was darn lucky we had a few pieces of wrapped candy. Out of the four Halloweens we have been married this has happened each time. So I am always sure to have a few pieces for the kids that don't mind the unwritten rule of "no lights, no candy." We should probably just learn our lesson already, and not be home at all on Halloween.

I know I missed a few odds-and-ends of the last few weeks. The only other "event" I can think of was that Nate and I did get to be "pretend" parents for one night to our dear little friend Micah while his parents enjoyed a night out for their anniversary. It was a heck of a lot of fun! Nate and I decided we are as ready as we can be for kids, but are terrified of all of their "gear." We managed Micah just fine, but had a rotten time with his car seat and stroller. It turns out that someone who graduated college with honors and a future doctor can't even handle these......LOL!

I am going to post a few pics in the next entry....

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  1. haha. Thanks again for watching Micah for us. he loves hanging out with you guys and especially Hansy. Hope hansy had a good birthday. Micah was dressed up today in this scrubs that you got him. He was so darn cute.