Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A day in the life......

The grass, as it turns out, is a little bit greener, but with strings attached:

For quite some time I have wanted to go to school with that hubby-of-mine and see what life as a med-student is actually like. Well, my dear friends, today was finally that day. That being said, it was actually a bit of a different type of day, since there were only three hours worth of lectures and the students have exams coming up at the end of this week.

For the first bit of fun, I need to tell you all about how excited I was about doing this. Last night I actually tried on like 10 outfits trying to decide the best thing to wear (ok, well 10 is stretching it a bit, but I did try on like three!) I was so excited that I had a hard time sleeping, although this proabably isn't that much of a surprise.

This morning we got up around 6:45 and left the house around 7:00. We made the drive to Indy and I even had to listen to a big of NPR (part of Nate's b-o-r-i-n-g routine). We arrived and I got to be there for three lectures, each an hour long.

The first lecture was an OBGYN lecture about fetal development and disorders/problems and their causes. I felt quite proud that I was able to follow along. I even found it quite interesting.

The second lecture was given by a Pediatrician about dealing with children as patients. The doctor talked about techniques and tricks for examining children.....as well as cooperating with the parents of young children to get their medical histories. This talk was QUITE easy to follow....I will admit by the end of this lecture, I was feeling mighty-fine about myself and my smartness - I mean come on, this is the second year of medical school, and me - an intelligent, but not medical or scientifically oriented person was following along just find and dandy, if I may say so myself.

And then, as I am feeling so uppity, it all came crashing down with the neurology lecture.......HOLY.CRAP.!!!!! Ok, so I think it was in another language, a language that only doctors and medical professionals understand. There were tons of medicines and big-medical words........

You may ask, what did I learn.....I learned a lot, and in the first two lectures things that I may acutally use/apply in my own life. However, the third lecture only taught me that I don't want to eat at Taco Bell, or really any fast food or restaurant for that matter. People with "potty-hands" probably have touched my food. I think that I may just want to live in a bubble.

I also think I may have been imagining some of the symptoms by the end of the lecture, crap.........

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