Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Thankful for a good day!

Here we are, 1:22 am.........I am really not tired, which seems common these days, but perhaps it is my fault. I break almost all the rules that the "experts" tell you. No TV in the bedroom, ha, yeah right. No computer at least 2 hours before bedtime, well obviously I am breaking that one right now - so draw your own conclusions.

I am sure part of this is also the fact that I didn't get up until 10:00. This was partially by choice, and partially because I am just not a "morning" person. When Nate is at school, I would much rather sleep in. It just makes the time he is gone seem shorter. But somehow, today was an "odd" kind of day.

So around 10:00, I was waking up. But I got to thinking, "Well, I don't have anything I really HAVE to do until 5:15 tonight, so what's the rush.......Hansy is cuddly, lets just be lazy." So we watched some TV (in bed) and I just wasn't super motivated. But then at just about 12:00 noon, I imagined I heard knocking.

Please sit with me through my thought process....."Is the security system armed? Is someone trying to break in? Am I just imagining the knocking I am hearing (because at this point Hans was not barking)? Well who that valuable would be here? I think I will just ignore it. And then, I heard the pattern of the knocking, and that is the key my dear friends.....yes, there was a pattern.....and only one person I know and love does this.....MARTY!!!!!!!!! I jump out of bed, grab my robe, because yes, I was in underpants and a noon (you are entitled to judge a little, but please not a lot!)

Marty and Micah are here, with cookies, and a hug! Awesome, AWESOME! The house was a bit messy, Hansy was barking....the security system was armed and in my excitement I had not disarmed it, so it was going was BEDLAM, but great. We chatted a bit, Micah played with some things........Hansy and him shared some kisses. Then Marty invited me to go to Hobby response was "of course, that will require clothes and you not minding if I am not a beauty queen!"

I got home around 2:00, only then to realize that I had 100 things I wanted to do before a meeting I had to be at by 5:15......

The clock seemed in hyper-drive. It was mostly good.....considering most days it seems on "slow" mode, but it was a bit of a shock for it to go from "slow" to "hyper-drive" without "normal" somewhere in between.

The day had other things happen and they were good, but it isn't worth the detail of the earlier parts.......

Overall, I am glad for a good day. I am glad for good friends..... I am glad for Nate to start his round of exams so that we will be that much closer to done with the exams!

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  1. thanks for coming with me Jen, it was a great day! Except I forgot to give you the note I made for you!