Saturday, February 13, 2010

NOT dead......

Nate's "little" (ha!) try 14! sis, Kylie.....Nate, and Jen!

Nate, Dad, Uncle Tom, and Matt

The BEAUTIFUL bride and her sweet little girl, Ashlynn

You know, I would seriously hope that no one would assume we were dead due to silence on the blog......but geez......where have the last few weeks gone?

Into being crazy-busy - that is where the last few weeks have gone. As I sit here right now, let me think a little bit about what we have been doing.

To begin with - that cute little hubby-o-mine......the one and the only, Nate! He is doing well. He has been super-duper busy with school. He is currently in second semester, well into the mud. For those of you who haven't had the med-school lecture - second semester of second year is the WORST. It is the worst because in ADDITION to awful, busy school, the students are responsible for preparing for boards. Boards will be pretty soon after school wraps to license the students for work with real humans and not just countless hours spent with books......

And now, for the FUN stuff.......Life in the land of JEN!!!!!!!

Work: work is seriously awesome, I LOVE it. It is pretty much a history-nerd's Disney Land. I get to research, look at and experience history. It is the stuff I was in love with in college, but now I get paid for it and don't have to do homework or all the not-fun parts. I am working three days a week. It is pretty fun, Nate and I get to carpool together, so that is super-nice.

House: oh boy, well the house has been tended better to, as a matter of fact, for about the last year.......So here's the deal - I have been doing most of the housework while not working as makes perfect sense. I mean, poor Nate - so busy with school, he shouldn't have to to housework. It has been a (good) adjustment back to work, even if only part time. Sometimes the housework has fallen to the wayside, but I am working on it!

The magnificent Hans has been good. He hasn't had any potty incidents while we have been gone for 9 hours. I think he sees what kind of trouble he can get in to (trash, anyone?) and then he naps.......Man, that dog has THE LIFE! On Thursday of this week he even got to go to work with me......that was a pretty fun adventure. He was a bit of a snot in in the morning, but he was super good in the afternoon. I feel safe in saying that on occasion the Magnificent Hans will be welcome to join me at the Awesome Saturday Evening Post.

I guess the other big event for us was last weekend's trip to the North (the last trip, mind you, for quite a long, LONG while) for Matt and Laura's wedding. Matt has finally decided to follow Nate's awesome example and choose a girl to settle down with! Haha! It was a big trip up for us, but one we wouldn't have missed for the world. Welcome to the family Laura, dear. You can't say I didn't warn you......because I did.....and now you are stuck! Even if you showed lack of better-judgement - we are glad to have you! On a way sadder note for me.....I guess I'm not the only Mrs. Stewart anymore, but I am glad to share the title with Laura!

Happy Valentines Day to everyone! Love!

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