Thursday, January 28, 2010

And the award goes to.......

Jennifer Stewart, as the "world's biggest history nerd!"

While some may think that this is a bad thing, in the land of Jen, this is a good thing, a VERY good thing.

Do you know that for almost 2 years, I have thought I was broken. My little grammy loved her job as a nurse. She looked forward to work. She used to give her vacation days to other people, who in her words, "needed them more!" This is what I have been thinking is "right."

When I got the job at SPS, it was a blessing, however, from the get go, in no way, shape or form did I love it, as a matter of fact I didn't really like it. Please tell me, why would I like getting reamed out on the phone by people who bounced checks and then yelled at me because they could not keep a checkbook?

I have only been at the Saturday Evening Post for a week, but let me tell you, "I GET IT!" I LOVE this job. This is going to sound cheesy and corny and everything in between, but quite honestly if I were doing this job for no pay, I would consider the opportunity to be around this much history a privelege. In this case, it is NOT about the money, although I won't lie at all, this helps support me and Nate. I love the history this magazine has. Quite frankly, The Post reads like a "who's who" of American history. This magazine has been published for over 100 years. It traces its roots to Benjamin Franklin. There are history treasures to be found in every corner. There is original Norman Rockwell art hanging in the corridors. Honestly, what The Post can offer is something no other magazine in history can offer.

It is also a current magazine, published 6 times annually. It is a great magazine (and I am totally not just saying this!) It has a lot to offer anyone. It has a lot of variety......and it is COOL!

It is much cooler than school because I am allowed to write about and pursue things that I am interested in!

Man, I am LUCKY to be working for this company. They won't be sorry to have brought me on board!

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  1. Congrats, we are so happy that you have landed your dream job. That's awesome!