Sunday, January 10, 2010

Catch-up........aka: Jen got blogging LAZY

Well, I guess I have been a few days lazy at the blog. So now, I am BACK, baby! And ready for my close-up.....

Well, maybe not, considering it is in no way a photo shoot....but you know what I mean.

The week was a bit crazy and lazy, all at the same time. Sleep schedules have been off for both myself and that cute little hubby-o-mine. Then around Wednesday we actually got SNOW in Greenwood. And really, a pretty decent amount. It has officially been colder here than it was the entire time we were in Alaska. And, the snow kind of messes with Indy - they just really don't have to deal with it much here. Coming from Northern Indiana where we have the Lake-effect snow, I can tell you that this much snow wouldn't have even been cause for a two hour, it's another story. I think that it's a combo of two things: 1.) They don't really have the equipment or staff to deal with removing the snow from the roads and public places 2.) People are TERRIFIED to drive on the snow....I mean come on people, you DON'T have to go 3mph for some snow on the road. However, the good part of all this was that my little Nate got to stay home with me for a few days, which was NICE. Meanwhile, I was in a bit of a pooey mood for a few I got very little housework done.

This caught up with me on Friday, when I finally got my butt in gear and got to working around the house. What probably could have been done in a few really HARD hours of work, instead has taken me 3 days and is still far from done. This is mostly because I have time and on Friday I got in a cycle of watching CSI on Spike TV...FYI - If you are like me, you cannot only watch 5 minutes of a CSI - if you start one, you are committed for the entire one hour - and Spike plays them ALL DAY.

Yesterday, I hadn't gotten to sleep until WAY late the night before. Something like I slept in (Nate did too) and then we layed in bed until 1:30 watching How I Met Your Mother. This is something we don't really do...but It was kind of fun and nice. Comfy and cozy on a cold day in Greenwood. In the afternoon we got ready to go over and have dinner with the Klinglers - FUN! I had missed them while we were gone, and it was great to catch up and play with Micah. Holy cow, he is getting so big and fun and cute.....He LOVES Nate (and me, too, really). He is almost two and doesn't really sit still. During dinner, while I was eating, he kept coming to the kitchen and grabbing my hand - so cute - and then wanting me to come to the living room with him to play with his toys, I mean, how do you say no to that?!? (For me, of course I couldn't say no - and it was awesome.) He says "Nate" and "Jen" just clear as a bell at this point. He did not want to go to bed AT ALL when the time came - I think it was because we are just so much fun and he didn't want to miss anything. So, we even were invited upstairs for his nighttime routine...he wanted Nate to read him about 7 books, and me- 1! Haha! We also said our prayers, and he is such a good boy with his prayers! Even thinking about the night puts a big grin on my face.

This morning I began co-teaching the middle school Sunday school class at our church. I got a call from the youth director this week and he asked if I could sit-in and help teach the class as it is in a transition time - and also, the main teachers are going to be rotating in and out from week to week. He had hoped that I could be there weekly and provide some continuity. I was excited and nervous. Turns out, it was AMAZING. I loved it! I loved the kids and actually think it is the perfect age for me to work with. They are not so young that they aren't adult-like, but at the same time - I think the high-schoolers are really close to my age and I may have been a bit uncomfortable. So.....middle schoolers=perfect! Also, my dear, dear friend Clara (my other friend Susan's CUTE daughter) was in the class, and I was so glad that I knew one of the kids.....she is just so cool. I am just so excited to work with these kids on a weekly basis and pull them out of their shells. I am more than ready for the challenge and excited about it. I think there were about 7 or 8 kids there this morning, and they are a COOL group of kids! What an amazing opportunity and gift for me!

Hansy didn't feel well last night, so Nate was awesome and stepped up and took responsibility for him since I had to be up early for my "first big day!" That being said, neither of us got a good night's sleep last night. So, we did have a couple hour nap this was nice. I just HOPE I don't pay for it tonight. If I do, then so be it - you will probably all be treated to another blog entry.

Well, I suppose that is enough of the "catch-up" game for this minute! Love from Jen!

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