Tuesday, January 19, 2010

These guys are future docs?!? YIKES!

For almost a year, we have been doing an "ethnic night" about once a month with two of our sets of friends. All three of the husbands (Nate, Brad, and Ken) are med-school friends. The idea is that each month we try a different ethnic restaurant to try. We switch off months who "hosts" and chooses the restaurant, and then usually we go back to one of our places and have games, or conversations, or whatever! It is sure fun and great! We LOVE this night and really look forward to it. We have had a variety of foods including Greek, Ethiopian (a really unique experience), Thai, Turkish....and a few others, but I can't recall those right this minute.

Our most recent experience was this past Saturday at an Irish restaurant. It was very fun and good....but in the midst of it I was struck with fear that we are "adults" being crazy! Haha! Well, not really - but all three of the men are in school to be doctors, dear Krista is getting her PhD....and this is what we did: We had "sugar/salt roulette"......(poor, poor Krista ended up with the salt!) And then, someone handed out gum as we were getting ready to leave, and Brad has a "bright?" idea and said "Hey, has anyone ever licked a Big Red wrapper and stuck it on your forehead, it is really hot!".....OK - my thoughts were something like "Who ever did this in the first place?" and "Tell me you guys are not actually going to do this!"

Well, you can imagine, of course they did, they are three boys and had to prove their "manhood" to one another. Ken's piece of wrapper was kind of tiny and it kept falling off, but Brad and Nate had giant red welts.......I would like to say that they conducted a "very professional, scientific, medical experiment," but that, dear ones, would be giving you a load of crap :)

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