Sunday, January 3, 2010

Ending the Alaska vacation on a sweet note!

Well, at this point.....we are really a few days home! But, I have some blogging "catching up" to here we GO!

On Thursday morning we woke up and got around. We left the house and made our way to Alyeska Ski Resort to take the tram to the top of the mountain for a good look around from a high viewpoint!

On our way down we stopped at a neat Market in Anchorage for lunch, where dear Dan treated us to lunch! What a great guy! The lunch was fun and good.

When we got to Alyeska we did indeed take the tram to the top of the mountain and were more than rewarded with some AMAZING views. There was actually a low cloud-cover and the tram went through it and up on the top of it. The view was picture perfect, to say the least. I am scared of heights, so that made for some great photo ops.....hope you enjoy looking at those as much as I enjoyed posing for them.

At that point we went back to Anchorage where we actually stayed the night since we had an earlyish flight. We got to bring in the New Year - Anchorage style. It was very fun and they had a festival going on downtown. They actually "celebrated" the new year at 8:00 pm - I guess to bring in the New Year with the East Coast of the US. Also, I came to the conclusion that because of the limited daylight hours - Alaskans are really in "hibernate" mode and they are pretty much done with the day and ready to sleep by around 6:00 pm - so really maybe it makes sense that they bring in the New Year at 8:00! We were around the for the festival and then enjoyed the fireworks from the top of the parking garage. It made for some great views and some great memories.

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