Tuesday, January 12, 2010

My little mama!

My mom cracks me up....or, as I used to say when I was a little one, she "Macks me up....."

First of all, I have kind of fancy taste. Especially when it comes to one of my true loves, PURSES! Earlier this year, in May, my mom and I went over to Cleveland to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. On our way, we passed the outlet mall in Fremont, Indiana. "Oh my gosh mom, we HAVE to stop at the Coach outlet......." My dear mom's response, "Ok, what is Coach?" GASP, NO SHE DIDN'T JUST SAY THIS! We proceeded to stop and she even treated me to a darling little wristlet AND an over the shoulder small purse. I love them both! And she was so generous and really didn't say anything about the cost. What a MOM!

My love affair with Coach began in 2004....and has yet to end. I dare say that over the years, a LOT of money has gone in to the pocketbooks of Coach! I just love purses, and of course, I can't just love the cheap purses from anywhere, NOPE - not Jen, I MUST have the $100 purses with the fancy brand name.

So, my mom called me today and told me a story that was just SO funny considering the story that I just mentioned about the Coach outlet. Mom went to Target and wanted to replace a purse. She has had two purses for literally YEARS, both of them black and kind of plain, neither of which she paid more than $10 for. So when she went to Target today, she announced her shock that they wanted $29.99 for a purse, which she found CRAZY! She told me she "splurged" for a $13.00 purse and was appauled with herself. I just couldn't get over this!

She treats me to about $100 in two purses, and doesn't think a second thing about it, little Princess Jen gets the purses she wants. But then, my dear, dear mom couldn't even stomach the idea of a $30.00 purse for herself. I know she doesn't mind. I just say it because the story is funny and I am a lucky girl to have a mom like this.

And this, dear ones, is only ONE example. I could provide plenty more involving $50 jeans (Tommy Hilfiger, of course!) for the 8th grade girl who couldn't have survived with anything else (uh....I don't THINK so!)

People seem to love to spoil me, and let me tell you, I love it! And, even more importantly, I APPRECIATE IT!!

So to those of you who have spoiled me in the past, spoil me in the present, or will spoil me in the future (hint, hint....wink, wink) THANK YOU! Love you all!

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