Sunday, December 6, 2009

Do you know the way?????

You know, even as I start this blog post tonight, I am not entirely sure which way to take it. I have a lot of thoughts, I have a lot of feelings.....some of which aren't really what this blog is used to.

For those of you who know me (and know me much at all) you know I am kind of loud and generally fun person. However, you may also know that I am a person who - when I am good, I am not just good.....I am AWESOME. But this kind of goes hand in hand with - when I am bad, well it's just another story.

This being said, Nate and I are great. Just me, by myself - well, yes, but also no. I guess I just feel a little bit like I am wandering around sometimes. We had a rough weekend last weekend, and this caused us to really rethink some things regarding the holidays this year.

In most ways, I have never been a huge "New Year, New You" kind of person. I mean, come on.....all it is going to do is make me make mistakes when writing the dates for months. I mean, really - what is the big diff between December 31st and January night, and then another day, just like any other day of the year.

However, this year (if it means nothing else) is just going to mean a bit more to me just because 2009 has called some tough shots. It hasn't been really kind to me. A lot of the events of the year are hidden in a shallow grave in my soul. I am fully confident that in years to come, I may look back at 2009 and really think, "Wow, that year really was kind of my gateway to adulthood - it really shaped the person I have become......" But on a day to day basis now, this is a bit tougher to do.

Nate and I are going to visit one of my mom's best friends, Val, in Alaska in two weeks. I thought it was what we needed, it was only when I called her that it sounded like it was what she needs to.

You know, sometimes a decision just feels right, all the way down to your bones. We really feel that way about this. We are just really looking foward to enjoying Alaska. We are going to enjoy Val's company. And we are going to enjoy Nate's break from the storm. We are going to come back January 1st with a new lease on life.

I mean, it is a new year.......let's make it one for the books!


  1. I hope you find some fake bakin' spots to warm up while in Alaska! It wounds like Val will keep you guys busy and having fun!

  2. As Jen's mom must tell u about Val! talk about old friends she it, My mom & her mom went to nursing school together before married, so we say known each other before we were eggs!! From Anderson, In & spent every year together from babies. Val saw Jen at only few months old, loved her always, then when Nate came along she loved him just like we do. The trip will be great for them all!! Val & Dan open house to all but special as both of u are her kids. Mom loves to share stories!!!!!!!!!!