Wednesday, December 23, 2009

So sometimes, I talk big....really big!

Me in my snow-gear....this was only the dress rehearsal!

me and tanner cuddling

us kissing....with tanner's behind - hatcher pass 3:30 pm...look at the darkness creaping in....and quickly

after playing outside - we were COLD! but it was fun!
Coming in to this trip, I swore I was going to not have anything to do with technology......well, I don't feel so "compelled/obsessed" with it, however, there is lots of downtime for me right now. I have books, but don't really want to read. I don't want to hog the tv. And, we do have shorter than we are used to hours of daylight.....less daylight makes me want to stay in. This is ok, execpt for the fact that it leaves me lots and LOTS of time to think. This is ok......but I don't really have a lot to keep me busy/occupied.

When we got here two days ago, I thought to myself..."what a magical land with no worries!" While a few days in to this amazing break, I feel similar, it turns out some of my worries are with me....all the time. I could go to the moon, and they would still be with me. It is both a blessing and a curse. I am going to look at it more as a blessing.....but it bothers me a little bit.

These are not worries or memories that I want to go away....they are ok. The only problem is that with a lot of time to think, they are being turned over in my head. I like it, I love it here. I love having a lot of time with my AMAZING husband. I love spending time with Val and Dan....they are like a dream mom and dad (not in a way that any of our real moms or dad will get mad, but just as kind of cohesive, small family unit...with just each other - although that would be a weird family since Nate and I would be the "kids" and we are married, hmmmmmm :) We are just really enjoying our "down time".....but for those of you who know and love me....a few days of down time and I start to go a bit (BIG BIT) stir crazy. I just feel the need to constantly be moving, doing a lot of things, feeling productive, and not have any quiet.

And so, here we are, having an amazing time, in Alaska. I am appreciative of the time to reflect and have this "down time" I am whining about right now. I don't really mean to whine....Again, perhaps "think it over" would be much better.

I thought a few pics would be a lot of fun from our trip thus far!

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