Sunday, December 13, 2009

Why do Aunt Sparkles' eyebrows look weird???

Well, of course there are a couple of stories involved with this title.......

First of all, our dear little Micah-bug is nearly two and his vocabulary is rapidly expanding.....So his cute little mom has taught him that I am his "Aunt Sparkles"....which I eat alive....with a spoon! Marty is a beautiful lady.....she is not as "accessorized" as I am, though. She wears her wedding ring and a lot of cool earrings....but her earrings are just more toned down on the sparkle-meter than mine. And this is without bringing up my variety of metallic purses. When I was a kid, I grew up with a lot of "aunts" and "uncles" which were actually not those relations by blood. Many of my aunts and uncles were actually long, LONG established friends of my parents. I have always liked this....and kind of wondered if we would ever have friends who would do the same with Nate and myself. When we met Ken and Marty and Micah...the thought crossed my mind...but took the nearest exit due to the fact that Micah has a million REAL aunts and uncles. The last thing the poor kid needs is another aunt and uncle!! But Marty started the "Aunt Sparkles" and I love.....LOVE it! And what really is the "cherry on top" is that Micah says it now....all by himself. Gee golly...I love that kid - and his parents. We are so blessed to have made such great friends down here in Indy - really more like family here in Indy!

As for the eyebrows part of this statement. Beauty sometimes carries a high price, my dears! I get my eyebrows waxed about every six weeks. I DO NOT by any means get them taken a matter of fact....I really just have them "cleaned up." However, I have had my hands full with the eyebrows ever since Amber finished school. She does my hair.....but she hasn't done my eyebrows because she hasn't had the stuff. Over the past few months, I have just made a trip up to the beauty school in Southport, just for the eyebrows. The only problem is that I have to DRIVE to Southport...which really isn't bad - but it is the only reason I go there - which is annoying. Also, I just drop in and get them done by whomever.....this is ok - but I always am a little bit nervous. Again, I don't really like much done to them - but once in a while - the person doing them is a bit unclear and gets a little bit aggressive. I mean, they grow back.....but sometimes it is "ugly" in the process. So the other night I was over at Target and just saw the "do-it-yourself wax strips." I am sorry, they looked stupid proof. Unfortunately - stupid proof does not mean the same thing as "Jen-proof".........

I specifically got the strips so there would not be microwaving involved. The strips I got were the hypo-allergenic kind that already have the wax on them. How do you mess these up?? I really don't know the answer. I washed off my face (as instructed) I used the strips - and them followed up with the "soothing" wipes.....UMMMMMM........soothing wipes should have been "chemical - skin burning, terrible, awful".........(well, you get the idea, right) OUCH!!! So I followed up with some moisturizer and called it a night - desperately hoping that I would wake up in the morning with beautiful eyebrows.....

Nope, not a chance. I woke up the next morning and my dear, dear husband's response is "What happened to your eyebrows??" Oh my goodness...I mean, let's just laugh it up. 2 days later really finds them a lot better. I have slathered....I mean SLATHERED obscene amounts of lotion, aloe vera, and Neosporin. I am pleased to say it has helped - a LOT. Thank goodness for creamy makeup to cover it up when I go out - but mostly I am staying around the house with the items mentioned above on my eyebrows. I thought about taking a picture and posting it, but I thought it would injure my pride a little bit too much! is getting a lot better....a few more days and I don't even think it will be noticeable. It will be just fine by the time we leave for Alaska on Saturday.

I can tell you that the "eyebrow debacle" will not be a lesson I need to learn twice. Southport is NOT too far to drive for eyebrows - and moving forward Amber should be able to help me!

Nate has 3 exams this week.....Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Saturday=ALASKA and VAL!!!!!

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  1. We hope your eyebrows heal before you get stampled by a moose in ALASKA! We sure love you guys!