Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The price.......

Do you know what I realize? And not just realize, but REALLY feel sometimes? Why is it that sometimes one person's joy can only come at the cost of heartache and disappointment of another's? I really dislike this.

This particular circumstance has presented both sides of this to us recently. But, I guess in this world you really "can't have your cake and eat it too......"

And so, you (you in the sense of me, you, and everyone, for that matter!) just make the best of the situation possible. Sometimes this is a challenge to say the least......but I prefer to think of it as a "growing" challenge.

And so......where do you go from here?

I really feel like this holiday season may be just what the Dr. ordered. I am already feeling the Christmas spirit! The Christmas spirit really is just a lot of love, and genuine desire to spend time with those you love. This may come as a shocker......but Christmas is not about the presents!!! (Although, I won't even lie at all.....I really, really like and enjoy presents!) But it is so much more about getting presents for those you love, and looking for something that you really think they will like.

Sometimes, you get a present that you may not really like that well. But what is more important about that present, is knowing that the person who got it for you got it out of love and "thinking about you!"

In the few years past......sometimes the "Christmas Spirit" got lost for me in the "Christmas Zoo" (which may sound fun, but really is not.) When suddenly you approach the season with displeasure about "things you should do/are required to do" and it stops being what you "want to do" you have some issues.

And so........Christmas love coming your way from the Stewarts!

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