Thursday, July 22, 2010

Blessings overflowing!

Sometimes it's the little things, and sometimes the bigger things - but no matter the "size" of the blessings that find their way to you, it is important to be appreciative. On any given day, it can be easy to get bogged down in the stresses of life, but then, you flip the switch in your mind from "I need this," or "I want this," or "How are we ever going to make this work?" to "I trust and have the knowledge that everything is going to be more than ok!" I have been making an even more deliberate move towards this attitude lately, and let me tell you, it makes me happy and even strangers on the street seem to notice that you are a happy person! The next thing I know I am having a nice couple minute conversation with the lady in front of me in line at Wal-Mart. Goodness knows it brigtens my trip to Wal-Mart, but maybe, just maybe she needed that too?

In the last week I faced a few disappointing factors - as explained with my last post, I went ahead and left The Post (a job I very much loved and appreciated) and it was a little bit bittersweet. There was a little tiny moment where I felt slightly sorry for myself. I made the decision to change my attitude. I need to be grateful that I don't HAVE to work. Yes, we are living on loan money while Nate studies to become a doctor - but do you know what?! This is a huge blessing. Not everyone has this option to stay home. People have been SO GENEROUS in helping us get ready for this new addition to our family (and to be honest, having a baby is, or at least can be, expensive!) I just am overwhelmed at the levels of generousity people have shown us! And all of this in a tough economy! It makes me want to raise Miles to know the good in people and the sacrifice that people give to help one another, and I guarantee we will be paying it forward. A few times a day I just go in to his room and think about how soon he will be here, and I savor those moments. Sometimes it is a little bit hard, he makes it tough for me to breathe, I am uncomfortable, I feel like I need to pee every moment of every day - but it is SO worth it to bring this child in to our lives (and the lives of those around us).

Last Saturday my friend from work, Jenifer, brought her amazing little boy, Niko over and we went to Buy Buy Baby (she had never been there!) It was so fun to hang out with them, but Jenifer and her husband are letting us borrow quite a few items for Miles! They are loaning us their swing, an activity gym, and a bumbo, and she has already said that we will be more than welcome to borrow more items. Talk about a huge relief and help! Many of these items are expensive and we simply wouldn't have bought them - not to mention that since we are borrowing them, when Miles gets done with them we will give them back and not have to store them! Thank you so much to Jenifer, Marko, and Niko for helping us in this huge way! A sweet lady from the church brought us a gift for Miles since she is going to be out of town on Saturday for my shower - and she got him such a cool gift - a mobile for his crib! What a great gift, we put it up and know he will love it!

Yesterday I was out and about and decided I really wanted a Sweet Tea from McAllisters - I went in to get it, and the lady gave it to me "on the house" - I know it was only $1.49 - but it made my day - circling back around to the front end of this blog entry - its the blessings in life - sometimes they are big, sometimes they are small - but it is important to recognize all of them!

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