Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A legendary weekend.......

Last night my dear father-in-law pointed out to me that claiming a "legendary" weekend is a pretty big deal. I am going to stick with "legendary" nonetheless, but I am going to place the blame on watching a LOT of How I Met Your Mother (if you know this show, "legedary" is used excessively.) Ever since we got rid of cable, I watch multiple episodes of this show every day. We have it on DVD. That being said, on another note, I am adjusting surprisingly well to no cable, but I still do have a lot of HIMYM on......

Ok, back to the weekend. The "weekend" actually began on Thursday. Wednesday after I got home I thought the air conditioning broke. BAD NEWS, PEOPLE......turns out it was this "energy saver" program our electric company had misled us about - but that is a different story. Sticking to the point, I thought the AC broke. Needless to say, I was kind of worked up about it. It was a CRAZY hot day and the house was turning in to an oven. When Nate got home, we got the problem sorted out, but suffice it to say I wasn't at all in the mood for cooking. We decided to grab dinner at a local Mexican restaurant. Bad choice - by the following morning we each had food poisoning of some sort, but neither of us knew the other one had it (it didn't really "hit" until about 8am. Here is the worst part, the food poisoning led to me having contractions for a few hours (it was just irritability from being sick, but I didn't know that at the time.) I was only 31 weeks on Thursday, and by 11:00 am I thought I was going to be making a trip to labor and delivery. Luckily, I had my regular appointment that afternoon, so I waited it out - and to be honest, by the time the appointment came around (1:30pm) I was feeling much better. I was still pretty rattled by the whole experience. We had our ultrasound - and Miles looks super-great. I have a few pics and I will do what I can to get them electronic and post them later (the key word here being "later" - goodness only knows what that might mean....)

By Thursday evening I was back in the mindset of my weekend with mom. Friday rolled around and I met mom on the northside around lunchtime. Friday looked like this:

Lunch at a great Turkish spot
Pedicures at a nice little salon
Shopping at Stein Mart
Getting checked in to the hotel
Dinner at a great fish/Hawaiian spot
Getting a book
Going to bed

Saturday was off to a bang with brunch at Le Peep. Then, it was off to Nordstroms to do some specialized shopping. CVS with mom to get some odds and ends and watch her play the sales like a pro. My dear hubby met us at Ted Montana's at 4:00pm so mom could see him and I could too! Ted Montana's is one of my all time FAV spots. We ran back to the hotel quickly and made our way to Noblesville.

TOM PETTY WAS CRAZY AMAZING! We had gotten pavillion seats, and this was the best money ever spent. I was very glad we did not go with the lawn seats! We had very nice seats right on the row with a great view of Tom Petty. Goodness only knows where on earth I got my love and obsession with Tom Petty, but he is just my favorite. Miles liked him too, I think he just already knows all the songs so well!

We made it back to the hotel by about 12:30am and crashed for the evening. Sunday morning consisted of breakfast and getting mom on the road. Sunday afternoon for me consisted of RESTING. Same goes for Monday. Honestly, same would pretty much go for today except for a few hours of work. I had so much fun, but I am BUSTED to say the least!

What a great weekend! I am very glad it was at this point in the pregnancy and no further considering my energy levels seem to be depleting at an ever increasing rate!

Ok, that is all for now - many details were left out, but this is what I could pull-off for this moment......best wishes for a great day!

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