Thursday, July 15, 2010

Closing the door gently, but leaving the window open......

Of all the jobs I have had since I was 16 years old, I have only been a little bit sad about leaving one. When I worked at The Hardware in North Manchester, I loved it, but when it came time to go it was because we had graduated from college and we were moving 2 hours away. I had enjoyed the people there and the job was fun!

Fast forward to today and my last day at The Post, and to be honest, I feel ever-so-slightly devastated. It is the right choice, the right time, and I know the reason I am going is what I want more than anything else in the entire world - and yet, there is a very real sadness leaving a job that I love and people I enjoying being with on a daily basis. It is not the end - just a transition. I will be able to visit. If I get Norman Rockwell withdrawls, I am sure no one will mind my coming in and wandering around the archives.

This job was what it needed to be when it needed to be. They have been so flexible with me here and so good to me. I have gotten to learn at lot, see a lot, and exercise my brains and my passions for history. It is funny to me that this job and the pregnancy were at the same time as one another. Both of these things I had so desperately wanted and prayed for and pined for for months on end were both given to me at the same time. It had a way of showing me what really mattered, and for that I am ever grateful and appreciative. I have made friends and connections here that don't end on this day.

This is not to mention that the job kept me occupied and busy while my dear, sweet husband studied for and took boards - and in an appropriate end to things, his board scores came through last evening of all times, on the eve of my last day here - laying to rest that particular chapter. His scores were great, or at least enough that he won't be taking it again.

I came in this morning to co-workers bearing gifts and cupcakes.....and in just a couple of short hours, I will walk away, knowing that I made the right choice. Perhaps not the easiest choice, but the right one, nonetheless - and Miles is worth every last bit of it!

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