Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Bacon Debacle - the LONGER version

Happy Sunday afternoon, dear lovelies. Ok, here's the deal, it has been a "dramatic" or "exciting" few days. Really, this story begins on Thursday. I was at work on Thursday and someone (whom is not on my "happy" list) was making bacon. Ok, now let's face the fact that I have always LIKED bacon. However, in the pregnancy I would say bacon, waffles, pancakes, and breakfast items in general have been the items I have "craved." I have gone from LIKING bacon to LOVING bacon. I would divorce my husband and marry bacon. I dream of bacon. I drool over bacon. I nearly cried at work over bacon and my "work flow" was drastically affected for at least an good solid hour. I would have gotten in the car and gone and bought bacon for $100 if I hadn't been so lazy and didn't know off the top of my head where I could get 3 pounds of bacon at 1pm on a Thursday.

Ok, so fast forward to Friday and I was at the grocery store and purchased bacon. Now, please realize that I have "issues" with making bacon (and breakfast items, for that matter). I do not like to fry bacon in an open pan because it splatters and burns me, and it makes the whole house STINK of bacon. Again, let's reiterate my love and adoration for bacon, but still, I hate the way it seeps it's smell in to everything I own and you can't make the smell of bacon leave. So a while back someone told me I could make bacon in the oven. AH-HA - yes, that sounds like it would stink less and not burn me with it's splatters. I have done this once before, and I would say it went fine. Unfortunately, we did not have a repeat of "fine," but instead got to call the fire engines........

So the bacon I bought was a pound of Smithfield bacon that was on sale. As far as I know, it is a decent brand, but I think it is "fatty" - because even though I baked it on a pan with a small brim, the grease ran off like a waterfall and got in the bottom of the oven, and then - there was the OVEN FIRE.

Then came the realization that we didn't have a fire extinguisher (oopsy, seems like we should have one of those on hand, right - and please note that we DO NOW), however, on Friday night the only thing we knew to do was call 911. So let's re-cap that there is an open flame in our (electric) oven, but it was contained. We told the 911 operator this, however, they saw it fit to send THREE full-size fire trucks and an ambulance. Then, I hid in the bedroom. I was embarrassed and stressed. So Nate got to handle the firemen. They came in the house and when they saw the situation, Nate said he would explain their reaction as "relieved." The firemen cancelled the other two firetrucks and the ambulance, and then they just carried the stove outside. Really by the time the firemen got here, I guess the flame portion of the fire had gone out. We were to let the stove cool, and then bring it back in and clean it out.

No real damage, perhaps just to our ego. Curse the bacon, and yet, I still love the bacon. However, next time I will BUY the bacon. The house still stunk of bacon for days, and we very nearly burned down our house. So maybe I have bacon issues, but you can't blame a girl, bacon is DELICIOUS.

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