Monday, April 5, 2010

A Whirlwind Weekend......

Mom and Mike made their landing in town on Friday afternoon. We had made the fam keep quiet about the pregnancy to Mike, because we thought it would be fun to tell him in person. We contacted Nate's cousin and her husband who have an awesome screen printing business and had a shirt made for him. (Note, if you are in Northern Indiana, or anywhere for that matter and need anything at all in line of A&E screen printing - we may be related to them, but even if we weren't they are simply the best, and I am NOT just saying this....)

Anyway, we gave Mike the shirt and a framed pic of the ultrasound of the baby - he immediately knew what it was, and boy, was he excited. The kid has wanted to be an uncle for quite some time, so he was one happy camper. We did some odds and ends and got lobsters for dinner. Well, Mike actually ate like 5 BK hamburgers, but Mom, Nate, and myself enjoyed AMAZING lobster. My appetite has dropped off drastically in the past few weeks, and let me tell ya, lobster tasted SO good. My sweet hubby-bug even shared some of his, so I was STUFFED with lobster by the time all was said and done. We enjoyed DQ on Friday night and Nate and Mike watched Sherlock Holmes.

Saturday morning we all got up and around and then waited on one of mom's friends to come over. I had never met her, but her name is Jenny and she grew up with both mom and dad. She is a bucket full of awesome. She currently lives in Franklin and mom and her reconnected via facebook. She joined us for lunch at the Tokyo Grill and we had LOTS of fun and food. Then mom and Jenny came back to our place and caught up while Mike, Nate, and I did a few shopping errands. In the afternoon we all went (even Jenny!) to see "How To Train Your Dragon" at the Imax 3D....ummmmm.....AWESOME! First of all, we had never been to a 3D movie, so that was super fun, but the movie is also SO cute - I can't remember seeing a movie that I liked so much. It is safe to say that we will be buying and enjoying that one the second it is out. Nate and I have always liked "kids" movies like Nemo, Cars, and Shrek - but this one is definitely one of the BEST. It really would be good for the whole family, a cute, clean, funny story like and everyone would enjoy it, from the kiddos to the grandparents! Way to go movie industry on this cute little gem.

We carried in supper and kicked back. Then - and this is a much longer story than I am going in to on here - I took Mike to get his third (and hopefully FINAL) tattoo. I am not a huge tattoo fan and had SWORN I would not play "host" to this, but I did - and he was happy, so all was well in the land of Indy.

Sunday we got up (all four of us) and went to church. Mom and Mike got to meet some of our church friends and the Easter service was good. After church mom and Mike got ready to go home and we got Easter dinner in the oven (we had picked up a Honeybaked Ham meal - and let me tell you - this is THE WAY to go for Easter dinner.) Ken, Marty, and Micah came over for lunch and it was so great to share the food and company. Marty brought two delicious salads - including her broccoli salad which is like my FAV. We enjoyed the meal and Micah played with his Easter toys and watched Nemo - he was so cute. I made a birthday cake for dessert for Mike and Nate (their b-days are this week) and we sang "Happy Birthday." Micah devoured a piece of cake, which was entertainment if there ever has been! It was chocolate cake with chocolate frosting and he was a MESS! Poor Ken lost his whole piece of cake to Micah,but it was fun and cute. Micah wished the guys "Happy Birthday" which was pretty priceless to say the least!

Well, I would say those were the weekend "highlights" - I am putting a few pics - hope you enjoy!


  1. Aww!!!! Yay!!! Mike looks pretty pleased! And what a nice shirt! ;) We are so excited for you guys! Sounds like you had a full weekend! I'm glad it was a good one! :) I hope your brother and Nate have happy happy birthdays!

  2. Sounds like an awesome weekend! Mike looks way excited. I second your comments on A&E screen printing. Andrew made an awesome shirt for Ryan's birthday! Give Nate a big hug and tell him Happy Birthday for us. We love you to pieces.