Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The CRAZIEST lady, ever....

Let's face a few facts. I am a perfectionist. I am a control freak. With these two traits, and somehow woven in to both of them and yet completely independently at the same time - I am the queen of the worry warts.

As you may imagine - this has translated through to the pregnancy. I understand most women worry a little bit, sometimes, over some things. But take the fact that I had a miscarriage last summer, combine it with being pregnant again, and sprinkle in all of my other "non-pregnant" issues and you have the recipe for DISASTER on an epic scale.

With all of these things, you may wonder - how in the heck is this lady not in an insane asylum? Well, it is one simple answer - MY AMAZING HUSBAND.

I got a good one - that has been evident for nearly 8 years. In many ways, we are complete opposites, and yet we share many of the same goals and traits. I feel this makes us quite a team.

I have to give the boy credit - he deserves the "medal of honor" not only for the pregnancy, but for our entire relationship. If we could somehow synthesize his DNA - I am more than convinced that it would act as a calming factor - at least, this is what it does to me. I get worked up, and he calms me down. I panic - he speaks reason and reason becomes all too clear to me. I am down and he cheers me up.

I have had more than a couple of instances recently where I have gotten "worried" over things that I KNEW on some level I didn't need to be worried about. The logical part of my brain knew this, and yet - here I was - all worried over nothing. Of course, I spill the beans to Nate. And do you know what? Not only does he not call me crazy (which, let's face it, would be the truth), instead he listens to me - and then not only reassures me, but always goes the extra mile just to reassure me some more.

He is such a great person. I know these qualities are going to make him a great doctor. I am positive of the fact that he is going to be an awesome dad and I made the right choice on who to take this adventure with. I have known these things for a long time, but it is so refreshing and amazing to have them proven to me time and time again.

Miles is already the luckiest kid on the face of the earth to have him for a dad. I am not saying I am chopped liver. I am going to be a good mom - but let's not sugar coat the fact that Nate is the better parent - and I wouldn't have it any other way.

BTW - I don't want him to get a big head, so don't tell him I said so, ok? :)


  1. i noticed you snuck "Miles" in there... :) sooo is that his official name??

  2. Nice catch - and YES! Miles Paul Stewart.......

  3. Good Genes in that boy ...... :)