Monday, April 26, 2010

Take that, JCPenny's......

A few times a year JCPenney sends out a $10 off a $10 purchase. It is really a pretty decent coupon. However, it is a minimum of a $10 (without taxes) purchase - so it can be ever so slightly tricky. You must spend a minimum of $.70 (In Indiana)to cover the taxes.

Now, if you NEED something prior to the coupon coming, I don't mind "applying" that towards a bigger purchase. If I can't think of something we need, my goal is to find something that I can use, and spend as little money as possible. 2 times ago when the coupon came, I used it to get a birthday gift for someone - and spend about $5.

At Christmas the coupon came and I got a Christmas ornament. I spent about $1.10 and thought I had done pretty well. That was until YESTERDAY.

The coupon came and I couldn't think of anything I needed, so I went in the store and set out my goal to spend as little money as possible.

Without all the details - suffice it to say I beat my own record in to the ground.

I got the following:

A maternity shirt on clearance - original price - $40. Clearance price - $4.97
A maternity sweater on clearance - original price - $36.00. Clearance price - $2.97
2 pairs of newborn pants for Miles - original price - $17/pair. Clearance - 2.99

When all was said and done - I left the store with these items for a total of.....drum roll $.80 or $.90.

Victory to the bargain hunters! I am eager for my next Penny's coupon.

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