Monday, June 14, 2010

Not exactly the vacation I had in mind.....

Oh yes, I am in the hospital. I am officially beginning my third "24" hours at the hospital.

Let's back the train up and review the series of events..........

Last week we had done a lot of work at the house and had a few days of fun. Saturday the weather was horrid and Nate and I stayed in for a few hours. In the middle of the afternoon I began to get slightly stir-crazy and decided we could run a few errands. We went out to Wal-Mart, and in the midst of one of the aisles, I got a stabbing pain in my back. Now, with the pregnancy, I have had a variety of strange pains and aches, but this particular pain is unmistakable - yes.....oh yes, that particular stab of pain in just that spot can mean only one thing.....a kidney stone.

I am no rookie with kidney stones. This is my FOURTH bout of kidney stones since I was 17 years old. However, this is obviously my first bout of kidney stones in pregnancy, so the rules of the game are a tiny bit different.

After Wal-Mart we came home and I pushed fluids like a crazy lady for a few hours, until my nerves and the pain became worse. I ended up calling the "on-call" doctor for my OB/GYN and they said to come over to labor and delivery at the hospital. We went over with the assumption that I would get checked over and be home in a few hours. No such luck.

My mind is fuzzy from lots of pain meds and lots of pain, but basically these are the important points for those of you that care/want to know.

1.) Miles is just fine and this does not endanger him
2.) I am in a crapload of pain
3.) I am stuck in some kind of waiting game at the hospital for right now. We wait until my pain subsides or I pass an obvious kidney stone.

A while back I told Nate that I thought a little vacation could be fun over his "break" (which as of today, was over, darn it)......I can tell you this.....this is NOT the vacation I had in mind.

Oh well. Thanks to my friends and family who have shown care in many ways including calls, visits, favors, and messages.

Rachel came down for a visit today and even went and picked up the Magnificent Hans. This is a HUGE relief since Nate doesn't have to shuffle back and forth from the hospital four times a day.

Prayers and hopes for a quick resolution and no more trips to the hospital/incidents until September. Hopefully in September we will be here and will leave with a healthy Miles in our arms.......

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