Thursday, June 10, 2010

What is the maximum word count for blogspot?

Oh has been a little while. Not really THAT long, however, the events that have happened since the last post have been numerous.

Nate took boards last Tuesday!!!!! We are just so glad for them to be over. We won't have results for about 6 weeks, but the score is kind of unimportant right now. Well, let me re-phrase - of course it is very important, but the test is done and over with and nothing that Nate does at this point is going to change the result. At least we can be done with that and move forward. Beginning on Wednesday Nate began working on the large "honey-do" list and the NURSERY! It was super-fun and special - he did a "Trading Spaces" type reveal for me. He kept the door to the nursery closed and I didn't get to see it until Sunday (talk about anticipation and excitement!) when it was pretty much in its finished state. I WILL post pictures of the nursery on the blog - but I want to wait until next week because my Grammy and Grampy will be down at the end of next week and I want them to be surprised :)

I worked Tues-Fri (my regular hours, 9-2ish) and then each day I came home and tried to do some work, however, most days I was just too tired to get a ton done. My work really ramped up on Saturday and I took this week off work. Suffice it to say that by Wednesday we got pretty much everything we had energy done for at the house. On Tuesday I began to get very "difficult" and just began to burn out with the work around the house. Of course, I guess there was a little bit more that I could have done - but the fact is that this is always true and is always going to be true. We have the nursery done, the house over-all extrememly organized, and pretty much are ready for Miles. That being said, he still has just under three months to "bake" - so we don't want him here YET - but at least we (mostly me) feel ready! This is quite calming.

This week something absolutely remarkable happened. I don't want to delve in to the "issue" on here - but a situation that had been troubling me/eating me alive for several months was resolved. To say that it was short of a lot of prayers being answered would be a complete understatement. This has just added to the jubilation of the week.

My sweet little MIL injured herself doing chores last week. She broke her leg and had to have surgery. This actually happened Memorial Day evening, but they waited to tell us until the next day since it was the day of Nate's big test and they didn't want him distracted. She is doing ok, and it has actually been kind of a "treat" to have an excuse to talk to her even more on the phone! She is home and on the mend - we expect her to be "better than new" in no time flat!

We are just in the process of enjoying a few days before Nate begins rotations on Monday the 14th. His first rotation is going to be Pediatrics at Riley. Ok, well I am tired now.

There is surely more to list........I will think of it later!

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