Thursday, June 17, 2010

There's no place like home......

I have had the opportunity to travel the world. I have been to beautiful places and seen amazing things. However, I promise you - nothing has been as beautiful as my home was to me today. The hospital stay ended up being 4 nights and 4 days, give or take little bit. My mind is fuzzy from the four walls that began to seem like a prison by Tuesday night, but I think I blogged on Monday? Yes, I am pretty sure it was Monday night....

Ok, onward and upward with the story. Sunday and Monday seemed to be kind of "waiting out the kidney stone(s)" Monday the doctor on call ordered an ultrasound on my kidneys, and fortunately, or unfortunately (I have an argument for both of these words) they did not see anything. I was still in a lot of pain. Tuesday the doctor on call was kind of an a-hole (note to me......just in case something weird would happen and my doctor can't deliver Miles - I am NOT going to have this doctor do it - end of story.....) He was very patronizing and talked down to me. I am not saying anything bad about this doctor as a person, but as a doctor he was talking to me like I was an idiot. Quite frankly, I was too out of it to care too much. By the time Nate got there that night, it kind of dawned on me that Tuesday doctor on call had been of no help at all. His sentiment was something along the lines of "we are in no rush to get you out of here, worst case scenario is you will only be in pain for 12 more week (ummmm.....excuse me?!?!) I think I must have gotten my meds and gone in to some kind of stupor not long after that. The nurse on shift that night made me cry....a LOT. I don't know, she was just kind of mean-ish and encouraged me to not take any meds. I just wanted to go home. At this point, I also did NOT want Nate to leave me the next day. I wanted Nate to be there to talk to the doctor with me. Suddenly I was overwhelmed and anxious and wanted to puke over having to deal with the doctor by myself. By this point, I had so many awesome friends offer to help - but the bottom line of this issue was that a friend was simply not Nate, and I wanted Nate - it was not an option. This was kind of a "baptism by fire" in to what the next couple of years are going to be like with rotations - they are not optional.

Well, Nate left...and I survived. I may have cried for an hour, but I survived. The doctor yesterday was great. She sent in the massage therapist and the urologist. The urologist on call gathered my info yesterday afternoon. My attitude got better and the nurse last night was fine.

Suddenly, this morning the urologist came in and gave me the option to go home. YES! This was about 8:00 am. The doctor on call today was actually MY doctor. He came in by about 8:30 am (instead of the 1:00 pm that has seemed to be the time they were visiting). He said I could go home. I called Rachel and the angel girl was right down there to get me. I packed up. They did my glucose testing and I came back beautifully. I was home - HOME by about 10:00 am.......all of this on a day when I woke up thinking the best case scenario was probably Friday at the earliest.

My arms ache and burn from the FOUR, yes - four separate IVs (my very tiny and petite arms do not like being used as drug and fluid channels) They had to poke me twice to get the blood for the glucose testing. I actually shaved my arms tonight since they were so gummed up with sticky crap all over from all the IVs. I tried rubbing alcohol, but they were so tender that it killed to rub them.

They gave me a vicodin prescription, but I have gotten through the day without using it. I am not trying to be a hero, but tylenol has been managing the pain. Quite honestly, my whole self is kind of achey, but I think it is more from sitting in a bed for four days and four nights with only a three step walk to the bathroom. I didn't over-do it today, however, I did a load of laundry and put everything away from the hospital.

Grandma and Grandpa already had plans to come in to town tomorrow, so I will get to see them. They are planning on leaving around 6:00 am - so they should be here by the time I am up and around. Gram can help me around the house and I am sure we will be eating out or carrying in food, so I won't have to cook.

My mental clarity is sharpening-up. I am very glad for this. I am so grateful to be home, not hooked up to an IV - with my sweet husband and my sweet puppy-dog. I was completely overwhelmed with the amount of friends that came to visit and came to aid when we were in need. I know that many of you who could not visit or did not visit still had us in your thoughts and prayers - and I know for a fact that they made a difference.

Love from all of us. We have no intentions of any more incidents until September when we are hoping for a smooth labor and delivery and a healthy baby boy! Heck, at this rate there is a very good chance that labor and delivery won't hold a candle to the level of difficulty that this experience presented!


  1. nail polish remover removes tape from ivs, etc.

    i swear the WORST two hospital days are the first two!!!

    so did you end up having them or what was wrong??

  2. Eden said "Mommy when it's my turn to pray (for our family prayers at night) I'm going to pray that Jen gets better soon!"
    She is so sweet! I hope her prayer is being answered!