Monday, June 28, 2010

The perfect day......

Well, I guess no day here on earth is perfect - but Saturday came about as close as they can come, at least in my opinion. I have had a few of those "great days." When Nate and I were getting married I was lucky enough to have a few showers thrown for me. I have very fond memories of them. Our wedding day was a great day, but I remember a lot of nerves, mostly just nerves that things would go ok and I wouldn't pass out, or say something wrong...who knows?

Saturday was my baby shower in northern Indiana. I am lucky enough to be having two showers thrown for me. One of them down here in Indy that will include a lot of my friends and church family from down here. However, if this had been my only shower, it really would have left a BIG group of people who couldn't have shared in the joy of baby Miles being well on his way. So, it was decided rather early on that there would be a shower that would take place in northern Indiana that could include a lot of our family.

I want to go over the day from beginning to patience will be appreciated. The morning began at 7:00am when Nate and I got up and began to get ready. We left the house around 8:00 to go pick up my dear friend Robyn, who lives in Fishers. We got up to her place and began the trek north, on track to be there by around 12:00 (an hour before the shower started at 1:00). As we were about 20 minutes outside of Fishers, my dear friend Marty called and said her husband had gotten off work. This portion of the story is too long to detail, other than the fact that we made the quick and wise decision that we HAD to turn around to go get her. No matter how long I live or what decisions I make, this will have been one of my wisest. Granted, we ended up being a little bit late to my own shower, but Marty was MORE than worth it!

After backtracking around the 465 loop to grab Marty, we were on our way north once again. The other stop that was a MUST was when we saw Port-a-Pit chicken. Robyn and I were pretty much yelling and screaming at Nate to stop the car for Port-a-Pit. We probably almost gave Marty a heart-attack. I wonder if Marty was worried we were yelling for a "Port-a-Potti"? Clearly, Marty is not from northern Indiana. It was a very short delay, and also, more than worth it :)

We arrived at the shower about 20 minutes late and everyone was understanding. The group of people that came meant a lot to me. Their love and support was so meaningful to me. Miles is so lucky to have a family and friends that care so much for him. Everyone brought gifts that were so thoughtful and generous. I can't remember feeling so much gratitude at any point in my life, and I will always remember that feeling. We opened gifts, we played a game, and ate the most delicious and adorable cake on the face of the earth. And then, it was over in what seemed like a minute. (Although in reality it had lasted several hours....time flies when you're having fun and feeling very loved!) A few members of the immediate family stuck around for a little bit.

Around 5:00 the four of us from Indy realized we had to go BACK to Indy, so we got in the car. We made one last pit-stop to visit Robyn's momma, Linda before leaving town. The car ride back was fun and went pretty fast (Nate might dispute this fact considering the poor guy was driving three girls all the way to Indy, two of whom are beyond 7 months pregnant!) We dropped Robyn off. We dropped Marty off. We got to see Ken and Micah for a few minutes even though it was pretty darn late. We got home just around 11:00 and fell in to bed, especially my sweet love-bug of a hubby who had to be up for work at 5:15.

It was as close to the perfect day as I ever could have imagined. Robyn took LOTS of pictures, but I don't have them yet.....when I get them, I will post them. Until then, you just get to imagine it!

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