Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Finally, a BLOG!

In all honesty, Nate started a blog several months ago, which we put a total of two posts on. For at least two months I have been swearing I was going to get really good and strict with this "blogging" mumbo-jumbo. I just know I love looking at other people's blogs, so why not be really good at ours? Also, I figure it will give our family and friends with Internet access a great way to keep up to date and see pics and fun with the Stewarts! As many of our family and friends know, we have had a rough couple of months to say the least. The miscarriage is still fresh and painful, but we are determined to make the best of it and look at it as "glass half-full" rather than "glass half-empty." The more things I go through in life, the more determined and sure I am of the fact that life is very much what you choose to make of it. It is really all about attitude and choice. Nate and I have been blessed in SO many ways in our lives and we know and appreciate it.

For now, our life is me, Jen, cleaning and being a good wife and home-maker. Nate, the most AWESOME husband ever and always diligent and hardworking 2nd year medical student. And of course, last, but definitely not least - HANS(Y)! Hansy is our 7 year old dachshund - and really more like best friend, comedian and child for the time being!

Here are some great pics of Hansy-

Hansy driving me around Indy - actually as I hope you know and guess Nate is driving, but it was pretty funny - he really looks like he is focusing on the road

This is so seriously adorable and so "Hansy" first of all, Hansy is like a lizard, he LOVES the sun and lying in the sun. This pic is all the greater though, because Hansy found a pair of my slippers, sitting several feet away. He actually put them there where you see them and used them as a pillow - only the best for King Hansy

Another thing about Hansy is that he also LOVES the trash - I know - gross! He is always looking in the trash for anything he considers a good find. We actually have pretty "Hansy-proof" trashcans, but one evening while we were out, he somehow knocked down the super-heavy metal trash can. He pulled out the trash and rummaged through it. Too bad for Hansy there really wasn't anything "good" in there. You may wonder "what is "good" trash?" It would be something edible and a real treasure for Hansy.

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