Sunday, July 26, 2009

Grandma and Grandpa help us take on Indy!

Well, this time it has been a few days, but for a few good reasons. Nate finished up his internship Friday and we are just catching up for a few days around here and then off on an adventure for our anniversary. For any of you who know Nate, the anniversary adventure is a surprise, and it will be fantastic.....

But back to details about Grandma and Grandpa coming in to town. They got down here on Thursday morning. We went out and about shopping on Thursday and had dinner at Texas Roadhouse. We argued with them as always about where they would sleep...but to no resolve. They are stubborn!

Friday we got up and around and then went down to Edinburgh.....the OUTLETS!!!!! My dear, dear Bapa treated me to a COACH PURSE.......for those of you who know what that means to me, it was pretty fantastic. I also got a cute jacket at Coldwater Creek. Grandma and I even tried on matching outfits at Coldwater Creek, just for kicks and giggles. We were the hit of the store. Grandma looked cuter in the outfit, can you believe it??

Also, my baby brother Mike went to camp and bought us t-shirts! He is just the sweetest little brother in the whole world. We took some pics in them and I am sending them to him in the mail.

Pretty excited to see some family this weekend. Not loving the drive, but it has been about 6 weeks since our last trip up at this point!

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