Wednesday, August 12, 2009

It's About Time!!!!

Wow, so after a LONG time, I am finally back on this wonderful blog! We have had a VERY eventful few weeks. Since the last blog we have enjoyed some fun both in Greenwood and out exploring the world! To begin with we had some fun in the days leading up to our Anniversary Extravaganza of Mystery (well mystery for me!)

Nate and I are just getting ready to celebrate our 4th wedding anniversary (and yes, saying that makes me feel old!) I know we got married at 19, quite young, but even so - 4 years is quite a while! I don't feel like we are any older, but everyone else just seems to be getting younger than us - or kids we know are just getting old! Haha! I suppose that is the way of life and we should just get used to it already!

For our anniversary I planned a "love basket" for Nate -

There were 8 gifts and they were as follows
1.) Polar Ice gum and Post-It notes
2.) Lime juice concentrate
3.) Jim Gaffigan CD
4.) Corvette hot-wheel car
5.) Another Jim Gaffigan CD
6.) Nerf football
7.) Scrat and Scratte toys from Ice Age
8.) A book I made called "Goodnight Hans"

Nathan brought the "love bag" of our early romance back out of hibernation and filled it with:

Play Dough
A stuffed Koala I lovingly named "Hank" and Hansy instantly wanted
A beautiful pair of "Tiffany" black Onyx earrings - yes, Nathan went to Tiffany by himself, and yes I was EXTREMELY impressed!!

And last, but surely not least - a kiddie pool for Hansy and me!!!!

As you must be imagining, most of these gifts mean nothing or close to nothing for most people, but for both of us it brought back a lot of awesome memories and fun of our time together - I sure do love that boy!

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