Thursday, August 13, 2009

The trip through the Lincoln Tunnel and the hunt for Pinkberry

So to continue the story where we left off yesterday - after a rough Tuesday and some mishaps, we were a bit tired. Only at that point did Nate let me know where our final destination was.....NEW YORK CITY, BABY!! The Big Apple!!!

It was about an hour drive to NYC from Philly and we got to travel through the Lincoln Tunnel (for those of you who are "Elf" fans, you will know why I laughed a bit) to our hotel just a few blocks from Times Square. For those of you who say there are no modern day miracles, you must not know about hotel was nice and a great location for a REALLY reasonable price! However, that being said it was on a kind of dark-ish street right next to a series of porn shops, the parole office, and a couple of liquor stores - fine during the day, a bit scary at night.

We found the hotel quickly, but missed the parking garage the first time around. We went around the block (but really probably a few blocks) and somewhere along the line I saw a Pinkberry. (I have heard a lot about Pinkberry, it is frozen yogurt with fruit, I thought everyone had heard of it.....turns out I am wrong...which makes this story all the more hilarious).

When we arrived at the hotel we wanted to go out and look around. I also remarked we should get dessert at Pinkberry....hahaha, little did I know that this was quite a large statement.

First of all, I had definitely seen the Pinkberry, but I didn't remember exactly where I had seen it. Second of all, I generally have VERY good sense of direction, little did I know, however, that my good sense of direction is completely ruined when I see lots of pretty lights, turns out the two things negate each other. And by the way, Times Square has A LOT of pretty lights and things to look at.

We literally walked around for about an hour, maybe a little bit more. By this point, we are tired, our feet hurt, and I was getting pretty p/o'd that I couldn't find the Pinkberry.

Nate suggested that perhaps the Pinkberry was a figment of my imagination, and maybe we should just give up. Let me tell you, this only strengthened my resolve. Eventually we did find the Pinkberry!

Nate was probably a bit less than pleased when it was almost $6.00 for a small and thought it wasn't really anything that special to begin with. I thought it was pretty fantastic and was glad to have it...perhaps not worth all the trouble, but once I couldn't find it, it was more of a challenge to myself anyway!

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