Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Anniversary Extravaganza of Mystery!!!!!!!!

Us in Gettysburg, on the battlefield where they put a monument near where "Pickett's Charge" occured nearly 150 years ago!

So many of you know that Nathan plans trips or surprises sometimes for us, or probably more me - and I LOVE it!

We are getting ready to celebrate our 4th wedding anniversary, but also kind of a "send-off" to summers since Nate is in Med School and there really aren't any more summers - Since we sold Nate's beloved car, Violet, we had some money at our discretion, could we have spent it in other ways, yes.....could we have had more fun if we had spent it in other ways - NO WAY!!!!

The fun all started weeks ago with the lead-up to the mystery.....some clues were left around and I was told a general idea of what to pack - however, that being said, the clues are usually VERY misleading - for instance, one clue was that we were "going to a different time zone" - to me that meant that we were not going to be in the time zone "eastern standard" so I assumed we would be going west - instead we went east and the clue actually meant "Times Square" in NYC - EAST!!!!!!

On Friday July 31st we drove up north and had an evening of fun with my "baby brother" and took him to see Harry Potter, yes, that was our third time seeing Harry Potter in the theater, and yes, even for us that is WAY too many times in the theater.....but Mike really wanted to see it, so it was good!

Saturday we had Nate's mom's family reunion, it was good to see everyone, we also got to see Mikey and Tosha and our little Godson Wyatt, who is getting really big! We also got to see the Reimer family and catch up with them and their four girls!

Sunday we were up and left at 6:00am - early, early, early!!! We made our way to GETTYSBURG, PA!!! I am a huge history buff and Lincoln is pretty much my favorite, ever, so we enjoyed the town - we spent the night there and went to the museum and battlefield the next day.

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