Thursday, August 13, 2009

Are we there yet?!?!

Friday was the last day of our adventure. We had intended to leave by 12:00 because we were driving all the way back to Greenwood (about 13 hour drive).

However, when we woke up on Friday we had a few more sites we had intended to see the day prior that we had not gotten to.

We took the subway to Wall Street and the financial district. We took some great pics with "The Bull." We looked at Trinity Church and then walked to see the World Trade Centers site.

Wall Street was fun and it was really cool to see the 9/11 site. It was a more solemn attitude knowing what happened there and remembering the event ourselves. Currently it is just a VERY large construction zone. We took some pics so that years from now if we go back and it looks different we will be able to compare photos.

By the time we made it back to Manhattan it was nearly 3:00, and we had a BIG drive ahead of us.

Obviously, we made it.....although not until nearly 4:00am! I am pretty sure Nate heard me say "Are we there yet?!" about a million times.

Also, to my defense, I offered to drive numerous times, but did exactly 0 minutes of driving for the entire trip. Nate did a great job all around! All the way from the build-up and planning to a flawless execution! Life is ALWAYS an adventure for the two of us!

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  1. So much fun you two! I am glad you had a chance to get out of town and enjoy some time together. We loved having you over the night before you left. Next time we will have you over for dinner and actually sit down for our time of conversation! :) Love you guys and we enjoy keeping up with you on your blog. It motivates me to catch up on mine!!! :)