Thursday, August 13, 2009

New York - Full Day #1

We got up the following morning and had breakfast at McDonald's, but not just any McDonald's, the Times Square was the same, but it was really lit-up!

We then proceeded to walk about 1,000 miles. Well, not really, but we walked FAR.

We walked through Times Square and played at the giant M&M's store. We saw Rockefeller Center and Radio City Music Hall. We looked around the NBC store. We began checking out 5th Avenue and made our way to the New York Public Library.

We went to the Empire State Building and we went up to the observation deck. It was REALLY awesome....expensive, but a GREAT view of the city. There were about a bajillion people. We waited about an hour to go up to the top. Had a great time.

Came down and got Papaya Dog for lunch. Cheap lunch, however, we decided that we prefer Chicago style hot-dogs to New York City hot-dogs. Also, I really didn't like how the entire city seems to eat while walking. I am not coordinated at all enough to pull this off. We found a building ledge to sit on and eat, but only for a few minutes, then off of the run again.

We walked up 5th Avenue and went to Tiffany & Co. The original, REAL Tiffany & Co! We rested and relaxed a little bit on a seat in Saks 5th Ave. We went towards Central Park and played for a while in the Apple Store and FAO Schrwartz.

Really, for being two 23-year old adults with no children present, we probably played with all of the toys longer than we should have at FAO Schwartz. But it was REALLY fun. We walked up and around the south end of Central Park and saw The Plaza.

At this point we were hot, sweaty, tired and hungry. I was getting kind of witchy and complainy, so we decided we should eat. We had one more Chicago vs. New York comparison to make......yep, you guessed it, PIZZA!!!!!

We went to John's Pizzeria in Times Square, which was about 16 blocks from where we were. I almost made Nate carry me several times, but it turned out to be well worth it.

The pizza was pretty spectacular. I think that we decided it we absolutely HAD to choose, we like Chicago style a little bit better. Part of that is due to the fact that we are mid-westerners, after all. We had to give allegiance where allegiance is due!

We also decided that Pizza Hut trying to do either of these pizzas justice is CRAZY, no contest at all...........

We went back to the hotel and looked up a place to try "authentic New York cheesecake" and had a slice of it from a place called Junior's - which had really good reviews and was within walking distance, turned out to be pretty disappointing. It was OK, but we have had better cheesecake a LOT of other places.

Wow, big day, fun, but rest assured we slept really well that night!

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