Thursday, August 13, 2009

The best laid plans......

Full day #2 was fantastic, we had different plans for exactly how the day was going to pan out....needless to say, it did not happen exactly that way, however, had it happened how we had initially planned, some things might not have happened the way they did.

Our day included but was not limited to:

Mastering the subway.....haha, as if....well at least we had learned how to use the subway on our 3 weeks in London 2 years ago, otherwise we would have been in a mess!

Taking the subway to the end of the city so we could visit Ellis Island and Liberty Island (where that statue-thing is :) The massive, and I mean MASSIVE amounts of people doing these attractions turned this into a VERY long trip!

We hurried to have lunch in Little Italy, especially since I had spent so much time researching this area and its people for my Senior Thesis Paper! Also enjoyed some "real" gelato, which much to my disappointment was pretty much EXACTLY the same as Ice Cream...haha, figures.

Bought tickets to a Broadway show.......really, REALLY long story involving wanting a particular show, which sold out literally about 3 minutes before we got to the booth to purchase them (after about an hour of waiting) and nearly involved some tears on my part!!! Long story short, perhaps Nate was wondering why he was still married to me at this point...quite ironic since this was our "anniversary" vacation. I think sometimes traveling with me must be like traveling with a child. When I am in a good mood it is fun, when I am hungry I am crabby, when I am mad or tired or have a pain of some kind, it usually involves whining and a high probability of tears......haha, it is pretty funny as I tell it now, not so funny as we were experiencing it last week.

Took the subway to see Grand Central Station, at 5:30 - never could I have even imagined there were that many people in the world, let alone in Grand Central Station in NYC at 5:30 - it was a "sea" of people........we got on a staircase so we could view it and not be part of it for a minute, and it was a little but unreal - really put some perspective into things.

Came back, to the hotel to freshen up a little bit - changed clothes and off again, this time to Carnegie Deli for a sandwich..... haha, calling that thing a sandwich was hilarious! It was a $23.00 sandwich and we had to pay $3.00 to share it, but it was well-worth it. This "sandwich" was a Reuben sandwich. A "normal" Reuben is 2 slices of rye bread, corned beef, swiss, sauerkraut, and thousand island dressing.....this sandwich was one piece of bread then about 2 lbs of corned beef, sauerkraut, melted cheese, and thousand island dressing. Never, ever have Nate and I shared a sandwich and neither of us been able to finish. Some of you who know and love Nate and his appetite may find this especially surprising.

Went to see Chicago on Broadway. We sensed the irony a little bit in seeing the show "Chicago" in New York City. It was really good, one hilarious thing is that we were really thirsty during intermission and got a bottle of water, it was $4........yes, $4 for a bottle of water which in Indiana would be $1, even less if you purchased it yourself, probably $0.25. Oh well, we were thirsty and needless to say we drank the whole thing. Nate reminded me several times that each drink was probably $0.50.

I had one more thing I HAD to do before we left NYC. Well, really eat....or rather, drink. There is a restaurant called Serendipity 3 that has a famous thing called a "Frozen Hot Chocolate." It is also the same restaurant that on its menu features a sundae that is $1,000.....yes, $1,000 for ice cream. I saw on TV once that it is very "special" vanilla ice cream with edible gold, but still! We went there intending to drink only 1 and share it - it was about $9 - so we thought sharing it was reasonable. When we got there we were informed that the restaurant has an $8.50 minimum per person...hmmmm...never been to a place that had a minimum per charge person, so we each got one, and finished the whole thing! Granted, it was over $20 for dessert at midnight after tip, but a great experience.

We were glad to be back in our hotel room safely after walking down the street where our hotel an earlier post I told you why, but it was all good!

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