Wednesday, July 15, 2009

HARRY POTTER - my favorite holiday, ever!

So last night Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince (the movie) came into the theaters. We were shocked at how many people were in to Harry Potter down here! We have two theaters here in Greenwood, and we have one we like and one we don't like so much. I just got online by chance on Monday and saw that the theater we liked was completely SOLD OUT of all - are you ready for this - 7 THEATERS!!!!! I know, sheer crazy!!! So I got on to the theater that we don't like so much, and they had 5 theaters, 3 already completely sold out. We purchased our tickets on MONDAY - for the midnight showing on Tuesday! And I thought we were hardcore HP fans! We got to the theater at 10:00 pm for the midnight showing. We were actually seated in the theater, which was fine because we got good seats, but I have a hard time sitting still/being patient for two hours.

But wait, it only gets better. The movie was to begin at 12:01 am. Just a couple minutes prior to that, the movie theater person (who didn't seem too thrilled to be there) came in and made the annoucement that the theater had 5 screens showing and only one person in the booth, they let us know to be patient, but it may start a few minutes after 12:01. So about 12:15 (catch the sarcasm and annoyance) the movie finally starts. Well, not really, because it is actually the previews - and GET THIS - the COMMERCIALS (yes, COMMERCIALS - like the Allstate and Coke commercials from the TV at home) start. We get through the 5 or so minutes of commercials and get in to one preview and the theater wigs out. The audio continues but the picture goes out. IT TOOK THE THEATER UNTIL 12:35 TO GET THE TECHINCAL DIFFICULTIES SORTED OUT, ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!!!!!!!! ahhhhhhhh.......

So the much awaited movie itself finally started around 1:00 am....................I am glad to say it was worth the wait, but poor Nathan had to work this morning. It was a great and memorable night. The movie was good (not as good as the book, but is never is!)

Oh yeah, and I made an outfit - for a total cost of $1.50. It was fun, fun, fun! Harry Potter is my favorite holiday!

Yes, I look awesome, and yes I know it - please pay attention to the wand (stick from the backyard) that Nathan carefully picked out!

Nathan and myself using the great camera function - also sending out a sign to our family and friends, who knows a little bit of ASL? Also could just be a "WOO-HOO" sign!

Our happy family, although Hansy may disagree with you!

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