Thursday, July 16, 2009

I am the weakest link........

Many of you know how I feel about Hans and pets/animals in general. I am sure I give them more credit than they are due from time to time, but I just love The Magnificent Hans!

I have several beliefs on Hans:

He knows when I am feeling crappy and has a great way of making me feel better

He is funny, almost all the time - I know he can't speak, but he is hilarious - he does funny things and is a goofball in general

He is a good judge of character - and this leads to the purpose of this post........

About an hour ago I got a craving for a steakburger......I have a recently developed love for the single steakburger from Steak n' Shake (the single with everything on it, but no cheese). Nate decided he could go for a steakburger as well, so off to Steak n' Shake we go. We went through the drive through and brought home the belly-busters.

This is when I had my revelation, as Hansy stands and begs at me all pathetic and sad looking. Why is it that if Nate and I are sitting right next to each other, both eating identical steakburgers, Hansy must beg only from me? It is because he knows I am a softy and in no way immune to his cuteness. I do not like to share my food, especially if I want it. It does have a good spin when I am eating and not really wanting the food, then he is welcome to all my stuff I don't want.....but the steakburger.....................IT IS MINE AND I DON'T WANT TO SHARE, DARN IT! Inevitably, as I finish the last few bites, I pulled off a small piece and gave it to him.....I am sure only fueling the problem to begin with.

Oh well, it is fun for the most part and he is so darn cute, how can I say no?

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