Sunday, July 19, 2009

The (NOT SO) Magnificent Hans

Hansy was SO bad yesterday. I have no idea what got in to that little dog's mind.....but it was bad behavior squared. So Nate and I went out for a few hours in the morning. We were expecting Nate's brother Matt and his girlfriend Laura in to town yesterday afternoon. So out and about we go to do some errands, but lost track of time a little bit. We arrived home about 5 minutes before Matt and Laura were due to our house. Now, mind you I had been cleaning like a nutsy lady for days. When we left, the house was perfect. We come home to the kitchen trash pulled over and trash strewn all about the kitchen and in to the living room. We continue to tour the house and found the office trash also tipped over and rummaged through....and last, but not least, he had PEED in the guest room. This isn't really like Hansy to pee in the house, but needless to say I was a bit mad. We got everything cleaned up, but I was a bit peeved.

A few hours later we went out to dinner. We were careful this time and closed up most of the doors in the house, and we were thinking we were smart and brilliant when we took a kitchen chair and pushed it up to the trash can in the kitchen. We were probably testing fate by kind of thinking we had won and there was no way that this small dog could manage to get the trash down with the chair holding it up....................we were wrong. We came home to the trash can pulled down again. How did he do it???

We went out one more time, and we prepared ourselves. We removed all the trash from the trash and and closed off the rest of the house. A few hours later we came home to find that rotten, terrible Hansy had pulled Laura's purse off the coffee table.......................unzipped it...............yes, you read that right, he UNZIPPED IT! How did he do it without tearing or pulling apart the zipper.......I don't know. But he had somehow managed and pulled everything out of her purse and ate the following:

A bag of skittles
A kind size white chocolate Hershey bar (thank goodness white chocolate and not dark, or we would have been to the emergency vet)
And about 10 lifesaver mints

We thought for a few minutes he had also eaten the lid to a Tide stain remover pen, but luckily we found that.

Once we realized there wasn't any danger......I was MAD. He had just been so bad, all day. What in the heck, Hansy?

I was so mad I even picked up his toy basket and bone and closed them in the office, big-time punishment, I know....but what else to do? As we got ready for bed I carried him in the bedroom and told him in a grumpy voice...."I just dare you to be sick tonight and vomit or even just squiggle around all night because you have a belly ache from eating all this terrible crap all day."

Thank goodness, no more issues. He slept all night like a good boy and seems fine today. We went to a neighbor's house for lunch, and he was good while we were gone.

No matter what, I love the little doober. Sometimes he tries my patience. Sometimes he tries my nerve to the last possible end, like yesterday. But as I sit here writing this blog, he is sitting right here next to me in the chair, being so good and cute. Life is good!

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