Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Do not promise to give something that is not yours to give!

This blog is going to be a tiny bit myserterious..... The reason for this is the fact that I don't think my "baby-brother" knows about this blog or has access to it. I just could not reveal all of the story and risk him finding out all the details.

That being said, I am calling the moral of this story "Do not promise to give someone something that is not yours to give...." From this you can take from the story that I had tried to get Mike something, the person involved had promised it to him, I promised Mike a HUGE surprise (thank the Lord I did not tell him what the surprise was going to be!) only to have the person say that what she had promised to give had actually not been hers 100% to give.......SOME PEOPLE!!! Don't they teach you that lesson in like pre-school.

Well, as you may imagine it left me in quite a pickle to provide a "HUGE" surprise to Mike! I brainstormed all day and the whole drive to Middlebury. I decided to give him a few things I had wanted to give him anyway, and then took him out for a special dinner at Hana Yori, a Japanese restaurant where they cook your food at the table and took him to Notre Dame's campus for a few hours. We had chocolate ice cream on the way home, and I succeeded in my mission.

He was thrilled, he had his HUGE surprise, and he was none the wiser about what had actually happened. I sure love that boy, he is just awesome and we had a great evening!

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