Thursday, September 17, 2009's about time, darn it!

Hello to all of you out there....which if I am counting my followers is a total of two (I love you both, Amber and Erin!) I think that some other people may follow us, but without being official "followers."

To sum up the last few weeks in a nutshell....... The biggest "event" of the last weeks weeks is that my Grampy came to visit and stayed for like 9 was awesome, fun, crazy and all that jazz, but to top it off I got a terrible, awful cold that caused me to lose my voice and feel pretty crappy. And for those of you who know and love my Bapa, you will know that he is pretty darn near deaf to begin with, couple that with me losing my voice and it was a BAD combination, but we survived and had a lot of fun.

We pretty much TORE up Indy. Nate and I may live here all the time, but we don't really get to appreciate it often due to low finances and even lower time. Grampy and I ate out (a LOT), drove all over, went shopping, and spent some time with our friends.

One of the most fun things we did all week (though it was ALL fun) was going to the Children's Museum with Marty and Micah. Grampy even bought Micah a little dinosaur toy, it was totally fun and Micah loved his toy.

Also, many of you know Grampy spoils me...quite a bit. When I told Nate about Grampy buying Micah a toy, Nate's response was...."Oh boy, I bet that is how it all started for you started with a $5 "My Little Pony" toy, and 20 years later it has escalated to Coach purses"!

I think that is it for this post.....I will follow it immediately, but in a separate post with my HILARIOUS Hansy story from yesterday!

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