Thursday, September 17, 2009

Dogs are FANTASTIC practice for kids....and this is why!

For any of you know me, even a little bit, you know I LOVE Hansy......probably a bit more than is reasonable, but he is just my little guy and my partner in crime. We hang out all day, and I would not trade it for a million bucks.......however, that being said, I may have traded him for a shiny nickle yesterday!

This is my story:

I took him outside to go potty yesterday morning. As he is wandering around the backyard he begins rubbing himself in something. This event, in and of itself, is not uncommon. He smells strange things, invisible on the ground, and rubs himself in it. Yesterday, it was NOT invisible. I walked over to investigate what he was rubbing himself in....only to see a pile of crap.....yes, in POO! YUCK.......OH MY GOODNESS....THAT IS DISGUSTING! So I picked him up to take him in for a bath (which, mind you, had not been in my morning plans, at all). I took like two steps and was so worked up that I tripped over the bottom of my pajama pants and fell.....nearly crushing Hansy to death. Also worth noting is that I nearly fell in to a pile of Hansy crap.......oh my this backyard a POOP MINEFIELD??? (Please note that as I am recounting this story right now, I am was NOT FUNNY at all while it was happening yesterday, this I promise you!)

Luckily, I had NOT crushed Hansy, I had caught myself with my other arm, neither myself nor Hans was injured, thank goodness! We came in the house and I took off his harness and started an "emergency" load of laundry. Meanwhile, I had shut Hansy in the bathroom until I could get his bath I am going around the house he is barking and howling like someone is killing him......oh, the horror of being shut in the bathroom! I swear this little dog has no idea what "the bad life" is, at all!

Within a few hours.....Hansy bath-check! Hansy's harness cleaned and air dried-check! I was doing some major cleaning, and in the process I had thrown away some stale chocolates....I literally left the room for like one minute and come back in to Hansy trying to eat as many chocolates as possible.....I think he actually only suceeded in eating one small dark chocolate and I forcefully pulled a milk chocolate from his mouth. At this point I was just beside myself mad......I totally swatted him on the behind a few times and then yelled at him and called him a "bad dog" until he got in the chair and looked like I had tried to kill him. I wanted to say "I'm sorry, poor, poor baby!" and give him a treat, but I held my ground.

So this was Hansy's day of pushing my buttons and seeing how far he could get with my patience. He is fine, he still loves me....I still love him. As I am typing away, he is sleeping like a little angel here beside me. I can barely believe this is the same rotton dog from yesterday.

So to those of you who have kids, I DO NOT want to make it sound like "I have a dog, so I know exactly what it is like to have a dog is cooler than/better than your kid." This is not what I am saying at all.....all I am saying is that I think that sometimes a dog is probably good practice for when you have kids, and I think yesterday was one of those days!

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