Thursday, September 24, 2009

Facebook....Good or Evil?

Oh Facebook......I have tons of ideas for this blog.....

I think a good place to start is to say that I held off for a long time in getting facebook. Nate still does not (and will not) get facebook.

There was a girl in college who I only knew as "Facebook Girl" and I am not even going to sugar-coat it.....I DID NOT like her. It turned out that I learned her actual name in my senior year, but I would say for a full year before that, I only knew her in my mind as "Facebook Girl." Manchester College is awesome. But that being said, it is a bit "dated" in some ways. While Nate was enjoying his days in the new, expensive, beautiful, state-of-the-art Science Center, I spent my time in the Ad Building. Haha, oh, those days in the Ad building. IT IS OLD!!!! The walls and ceiling are cracked and mess, I am pretty sure it is 1 million years old, but actually not. That being said, on the second floor there was a "lounge" where I would go between two classes that I had that were close enough together not to leave campus and go home, but far enough apart to need a few minutes out of a classroom. The room had two "dinosaur" age computers. You know the kind, like the first computers ever invented. Pretty much one of them was broken (although not the same one each time, it is like they rotated days)...and alas, "Facebook Girl" was always, always on the "working" computer. I tried not to be nosy and judgy, but all she was ever doing was checking facebook and "poking" people. It really annoyed me and made me kind of mad. I would really have appreciated the opportunity to check my e-mail for actual "school stuff" but instead she HAD to be on facebook, doing worthless crap. In all honesty, I feel this was my first "encounter" with facebook.

After college and suddenly with time on my hands, I finally gave in and got facebook. Immediately I was "hooked." It is kind of fun.....also, there is a "chat" option which I think is like the new "AIM" of my middle-school days.

Pretty recently, I even surprised myself when Nate accused me of being "addicted" to facebook, and I GOT EXTREMELY DEFENSIVE. I am pretty sure this is actually a sign of being addicted....oh crap! All day when I am home with my computer, I get on and off ALL DAY. But I think I am reaching my limits.

I would like to explore what I consider some of the PROS and CONS of facebook, and there are BOTH:


Allows you to find and reconnect with people you otherwise would not be able to
Allows you to stay in touch and in the loop with people you can't otherwise
It is free
Networking opportunities


Can become obsessive
Just technology, and some of the crap that entails
Can cause me to make myself crazy

Some of these options being laid out, there is a lot of stuff I HATE....including but not limited to QUIZZES, POKING, BUY A ROUND, QUESTIONS and ANSWERS and junk like that.

All I use facebook for is to look at the wall and be nosy, reconnect and see what people are up to....stuff like that.

I think I am going to try to "wean" off of it. I am totally going to keep it, but I am going to try to stop looking at it literally 10 times a day. I am sure this is going to be even "harder" since my blackberry now has a direct link to facebook.......

So is it ultimately good or ultimately evil.......perhaps a level of both. I would like to lean towards the "good" side, depending on how you use it. And also, as with anything, I think good in moderation......MODERATION being the key......

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