Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Nate is in the 18th Grade....

On Monday the 17th Nate started his second year at IU Med School. We are grateful to be here and thankful. It was also a grumpy time for me. As I have spoken about with many of you, this leaves me with the question "What about me, what is next for me?"

Actually on Saturday the 15th I had spent the afternoon with a friend at her apartment complex pool. I decided sunscreen was not for winners, and I am a winner, so no sunscreen for me! Nate told me twice before I left "wear sunscreen!" Rachel told me twice while I was with her, "you look a little pink, you sure you don't want sunscreen?" I thought it would be fun to have a kiss of color!

It was nearly the kiss of death. Within a few hours the "pink" had turned to "boiled-lobster, fire engine red" It led to about three days of fever, peeling, blistering on my shoulders, and wearing only underpants and a t-shirt. By Wednesday Nate had invited a friend over and it required me re-introducing myself to a bra and pants, even if they were of the pajama kind.

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