Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Mr. and Mrs. Chris Thompson!!!

My good friend Robyn got married and I got to be a bridesmaid! This post could go on forever......Robyn has been my friend for what seems like as long as I can remember. I guess actually it has been since about my freshman year in high school.

Robyn is awesome and the queen of popularity. I remember when I first met her she was pretty, a cheerleader, two years older, and friends with everyone. I never thought I stood a chance to be her friend, and then she liked me! The friendship has clearly stood the test of time. At this point, although we live pretty close to one another, we don't really see each other that often. She is still cool and fun, and I am old and boring! Well not really, but you can take from that what you want to.

She let me know that she and Chris had gotten engaged last year, and I really didn't even let myself even dream that I might be in the wedding. She had been my maid of honor, but I have no friends!!! Well, mjuch to my astonishment, she called and asked if I would like to be a bridesmaid......UMMMMMMM, YES! I was one of nine bridesmaids, and it was super-spectacular! It wasn't just a few hour wedding, it was really a whole weekend extravaganza of fun! I got to meet a lot of new people and see a few people from my past! It was just so great and I was so glad that I could be a part of it!

I wish I had pics, but I didn't have my camera with me for the weekend, it was MUCH to busy! Nate and I even danced and had a great time. It was so beautiful and Robyn and Chris are now married.

To top it off, I even got to take them to the airport yesterday to deliver them for their honeymoon! I painted the car windows and made muffins and orange juice, I am pretty sure they thought I was crazy, but it was AWESOME! Also worth noting was the fact that I left my house at 5:10 am to get them to the airport on time, it was so worth it!

So to Robyn and Chris, I love you both and wish you the most happiness! You two are awesome together! Just to Robyn, thank you for being my cool friend and thinking I am cool, I am not sure how I have fooled you for this long! I will never forget this weekend!

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