Monday, August 23, 2010

A Whirlwind Weekend Wilkey Style!

Friday morning I awoke to a cute husband who made me stay in the bedroom while he "arranged" my gift(s). Since our first "anniversary" (please note I am referring to the dating one - so over 7 years and still going strong) he has always planned fun and amazing things. I got out of bed to a "treasure hunt" to find my gifts. There were four steps around the house. He bought me a beautiful pair of stud earrings and an amazing vintage ring I had seen at a store a while back. Although the last 4 wedding anniversaries included surprise trips - this was equal to, if not better! So, suffice it to say, my morning began on a strong note. The only horrible part of the day was that after that amazing series of gifts, Nate's darn present didn't even make it (or Saturday, either, darn it! - I swear, if it doesn't come today, I am may absolutely LOSE it....who am I kidding, I pretty much run that risk even IF the present does come today :)

Grandma and grandpa arrived at around 10:00. We went to Sophia's House of Pankcakes for yummy, delicious brunch. Then sweet hunniebug had an eye appointment (he has been having some issues - so I was glad we were finally getting him checked out.) Meanwhile, Bapa, Meems and myself went to Gander Mountain and I found a great waterproof, windbreaker on super-clearance! It was pretty fun. Then we decided to go to Sears to check out the clearance Lands End section - holy cow, we hit the Lands End Jackpot!!!! Grandma got a pair of shoes and a pair of pants, I got two new tops, and we found Nate a jacket, a pair of grey pants, and a sweater. The original ticket prices were somewhere around the $250 range. Each of these items (there were 7 items) were on clearance for only $9.99 - and we thought we were getting a HUGE deal, only to get to the counter to learn that there was an ADDITIONAL 25% off. We walked out of the store for $56 for ALL of the items - talk about a lucky day. Grandma and I went to get pedicures while Grandpa and Nate went to a tool store. We got home and got all ready and went to Pipers for our special anniversary dinner. We all dressed up a little bit, it was super-fun! We were celebrating our anniversary and Miles coming - so we kind of took out all the stoppers. We got caprese salad as an appetizer, I got lobster, Nate was adventurous and got Crawfish Etouffee (it was AMAZING!), Bapa got King Crab legs, and Meem got grilled shrimp. We finished off dinner with 2 pieces of pie we all tried. It was very fun!

Saturday we began the day with grandpa and grandma coming over and playing the Wii. It was hilarious and cute - two 78 year-olds enjoying Wii Bowling! We went down to Franklin and went to Starbucks, a cute toy store, Kohls, and then were going to go to Aunt Judy's for lunch, but they were closed, so we went to Athens Kitchen and even Bapa ate a gyro! This is a pretty big deal considering sometimes Bapa isn't too much of a risk taker with foods - but guess what!? He ate it and liked it! First Wii bowling and then a gyro - all in one day - I would call that a successful trip. When we got back home around 3:00 grandpa and grandma hit the road. Nate and I finished out the day with some chores.

I suppose that is all! I was very bad and we didn't take a single picture all weekend - too bad none of this is photographically chronicled for life - oopsy!

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