Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Year 3!

Is it just me or is it SUPER sad that this is the best picture we have of both of us together on our college graduation day (oh well, at least Nate looks like the goofball and not me!)

If you look really hard, there is an iguana in this picture - the iguana explains the slightly "strained and terrified" smile on my face - I was pretty convinced it was going to attack

The third year saw us enter our last year of college (well, undergrad, at least!) I got a job at the Hardware in North Manchester and LOVED it! Even at the beginning of the school year, we began to dream of the upcoming graduation from Manchester and the next steps, and began wondering if we would accomplish our goal of getting in to med school. We arranged "Plan B" in our mind, but it was a rather anxious time. For Spring Break and Graduation, as well as helping Grandma and Grandpa celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary, we went on a cruise to the lovely Caribbean. Upon our return from the cruise, we found a very important piece of mail - a Manila envelope from IU Med School! We bought a house, we began spending weekends at the new house to get it ready for our move, we studied for finals, and packed ourselves up to leave North Manchester.

We moved all our life in to our new house on a Saturday in May, and officially graduated from Manchester on Sunday. I got a "real" big girl job. I had a very bad bout of kidney stones. Nate got to play "stay-at-home" husband for the summer. Finally, August rolled around and Med School began. We celebrated our anniversary ever-so-slightly delayed at the beginning of September in Cincinnati.

And that, dear ones, is year three in a nutshell!

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